Saturday, December 12, 2009

Happy, happy , happy

Reasons to be happy:
1) First snow day of the school year.
2) Josh had his first night of snowboarding and is going again today. Nothing better than that for Josh!
3) Andrew home for three weeks after finishing, successfully I might add, his first semester of college. He has grown up so much.
4) Tree up, wreath up, and even a few presents wrapped.
5) Only one week left of work and then two weeks off.
6) Johnny has one more cycle of chemo!
7) Barb has only one week left after years and years and years of giving to the children of this community. Happy Retirement Mrs. Garrard!
8) The governor did not cut the additional $127 per least not yet.
9) Shade is extremely happy to have the snow to play in. Pooh has a plow so that makes snow A-Ok with us.
10) No worries of cancer for me this holiday season. Worrying is WAY overrated.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cheer up!

My sister yelled at me for having a depressing blog. So here I am to cheer it all up! Let's talk about Michigan economy/educational crisis. Oops...not so fun either.

A Goshen College student was hit by a train this morning. He was drunk on the train tracks. It was not Andrew. I believe the student is going to be ok, last the news said. Goshen has tracks that run right through the campus--Andrew crosses them every day. The headline made my heart skip a beat when I read it.

Andrew is almost done with his first semester of college. Much tougher than he thought--especially with balancing a sport. But I think he is still happy. I know he will appreciate not having anything to do all break, although he is going back to help at a baseball camp his team is sponsoring over vacation.

Tonight is our first boys' basketball game. No Andrew to watch. That is fine with me!

A gift arrived in the mail for Jim today. Glad he wasn't home to see it. We never get each other anything big--just try to surprise each other with those things we say we would like some time or another. His something came today. Still have all the other shopping to do, although I did get our $10 gifts for the white elephant exchange for Ginger's side of the family.

The prediction for some snow tonight has been altered...looks like just rain and wind. Which means Shade will probably need drugs.

Really looking forward to Boyne for New Year's Weekend.

Hope this is more cheery than me saying I am not dead. I think that is pretty cheery, right? : )

Love to you all--and feel those boobies, ok?