Sunday, September 20, 2009

Peace of mind

Dr. Ansari's office called Friday and we have to postpone my next appointment until October 6 because he will be out of town. So I can put off worrying for another week or so. Good news in my book.

Another scary ACC/breast story has reached me. Mets to the spine after a year of clear scans...Susan's back kept hurting to the point she couldn't walk so she had a test and there is a tumor (or more) on her spine. Crap. She also had clear margins and an encapsulated tumor to start with, which is about the best you could have. So there is no telling with cancer.

Cancer sucks.

On a good note, Andrew came home Friday night and we stayed up late talking and I finally got all my questions answered: he sees himself staying there four years; his favorite class is the Bible class; he doesn't always get up for breakfast but gets a smoothie from Java Junction, a coffee shop in his dorm that he can swipe his meal plan card for; it is NOT a dry campus although it is really really really supposed to be, which I thought was very interesting; two players on his team are married and three are engaged; he and his roommate get along fine--in fact, when Andrew was lamenting about some baseball issues (lack of hitting) Luke explained the story of Job to him, so Andrew now has a poster on his door that says "PLAY LIKE JOB" which he hits as he leaves his room everyday; roommate reads the Bible nightly and has helped Andrew with class; still thinks everyone is "the nicest people"; misses Kait; um...I think there is more but those were the biggies.

Jim and I bit the bullet and went and got two new phones for the kids on the Verizon network. Andrew had horrible service in Goshen on Nextel and Josh has wanted Verizon for some time, so we are now paying for two phones we won't be using. I may just break the contract with Nextel but will have to see how the costs work out. Jim and I are taking it down to him today...I will admit, i want a phone like it as it has the keyboard and I can fly when I text!

Happy Sunday to you. Appreciate your good health and worry free days, people. You never know when peace of mind is rocked. But also NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER give up.



Anonymous said...

THis post just made me smile--it's got to feel great knowing your boy is in a caring and supportive environment!! (granted, Goshen is Bethel's rival, but I imagine it's still a good college nonetheless :) ) The Bible classes were my fave too.
Keeping you in prayer as you continue to fight like Job!
Holly (Spraker)

Tina said...

Hi Molly - I tried to find your email address so that I can contact you privately, but no luck. Please get with me so we can chat :)

Stephanie said...

Hi Molly, how is all with you??? I really have not had much to say lately and have been so busy with work and the boys. I will blog more is something new with my health comes about. In the mean time I am addicted to Facebook. My friend got me hooked. I am reconnecting with lots of old friends. How is your health? Seems from your blog all is A Ok. Blessings to you. I am beginning to help my friend (the second of my good close friends) begin her cancer journey. It just sucks! She said I am her inspiration. That made me feel good. I try not to think bout cancer anymore, well mine anyways. My boobs look great, I will be getting the nipple and tattooing next month. Your nipple is done right??? how do u like it? I am kinda getting used to wearing no bra with some of my shirts, I do not have to worry bout that back fat coming out of my sides of a bra,lol. If I get the nipple then I will NEVER be able to go bra-less because it sticks out always right?? But I think I am going for it. It will make me feel whole, I think. Keep healthy, and I will check back soon. Or come on over to Facebook.....Stephanie Heimbach MacNeil. xxxxxxxxxxx

Stephanie said...

ps.. I love your quote about having strength. Can I borrow it to post on my facebook wall. That is so so true.

dyaz zuliyana said...

hy molly ...