Thursday, September 10, 2009


Cancer weighs heavily today. An ACC/breast sister was told by her doctor that when ACC/breast metaticizes to lungs (which hers did, three years after dx) it becomes very aggressive. She is terrified and seeking info. Nothing I have read says that...but obviously, you can go from Stage I to Stage IV in one routine x-ray! CRAP. My only solace with this stupid cancer is that it is supposed to be slow growing and NOT aggressive.

Secondly, my Velvet, who I met online, passed away yesterday. I honestly cried. She was so amazingly positive, living with Stage IV breast cancer for EIGHT her bones, her brain, lungs, etc. She was so funny and brave and inspirational and just amazing. She truly was one who made me stronger throughout this.

On one good note, I was looking at an ACC site and a list of recommended ACC doctors and my doctor from U of M was one of them. Of course, he is a head and neck doctor, but at least he knows ACC.

Heavy heart today. It will get better. It usually does.



Karen said...

Congrats to being a 2year b/c survivor!!!!! Also, condolences on the loss of your online friend. I was just reading your post on the rare cancer site about the other acc/b with mets person and wanted to read that one myself..can you post the site name? Thanks and you may email me anytime at

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your two years! Mine passed earlier this year. So sorry about your friend, this is still a disease that kills unfortunately. I see a lot of that at my job. I try not to think about metastizeses (however its spelled) and just hope I stay clear with each test!!! Stay strong!