Friday, May 22, 2009

He's done.

Love him. love him, love him! He is now officially graduated. Now on to college and a little bit of reality.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

It's hard to have an 18 year old when you are a control freak.

Hi everyone! Long time. Two weeks to be exact. Crazy.

Let's see. Andrew no longer attends Niles High School on a daily basis. He was exempt from all his finals, which is probably a good thing, because if you could die from senioritis, he would be six feet under. Geesh. I won't mention the number of conversations we have had about "finishing strong" and doing it for pride, integrity, etc. Umm... his response is..."are you kidding me?" Tomorrow is the Honor's Reception, where he will receive his Honor Cords, National Honor Society Cords, and his Board Scholar Cords. The Class of 2009 is filled with many honor students. More than half. They truly have been a great class, and there has been very little "I can't wait to get out of this place" attitude--in fact, just the opposite. What really, really nice kids they are. Then Wednesday night is Baccalaureate, and then Thursday is the big night--Graduation, followed by Project Graduation.

Beckie Hamm recommended a book to me called Belong to Me by Maria de la Santos and it was such a great read! The writing was so poetic...good story line too...reminded me of Jody Picault. Read it if you can.

Josh is going to go to journalism camp this summer at Michigan State. He is excited, as are we. It's expensive, but we will figure it out. He is going to be the Sports Editor next year.

I set three goals this morning: get both bathrooms clean, and my bedroom, by noon. Yes, I was successful. I still have the ping pong table mess all over the place--still working on the photo spread for Andrew's party, and now Jim has me working on something for Senior Night for baseball.

A new ACC breast cancer sister from Germany logged on to the ACC site and is telling us that the German doctors ALWAYS recommend chemo for ACC/breast. While I know there is no research out there that I know of of its success, it makes me pause to think "should I have?". But then the others all say NO--in fact, one woman says she got leukemia from it...and a heart condition. She is cancer free, however.

Pulled pork sandwiches for dinner tonight.

Love to you all--and thanks for stopping by. It is good to hear from you.


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Getting stressed. But it's all ok.

It was a stressful week at work--so many meetings to sit through when I really needed to be in my office, door shut, working on the master schedule (which is what teachers teach what classes on what day). Friday afternoon was the first time I could do that and I ended up working until after 5 and forgot to pick up Josh from practice. Working until after 5 doesn't seem like much of a big deal to the rest of you, but getting to work before 7, staying up late and attending freezing baseball games makes for a grumpy Molly. : )

I went to Gordon's today and bought lots of yellow and white paper products for Andrew's graduation party. The tent we rented is yellow and white striped and I think navy is too dark so we are going with the yellow theme. May is going to be super duper stressful I predict as I have to finish the master schedule, plan graduation (which is almost done), get my own child graduated, and have his party. Schwewee. Thank goodness for my in-laws!

I am playing phone tag with the admissions counselor at Goshen. I am just going to have to call her from work. I never do that --always feel guilty on work time, but it is so hard to get ahold of people! Did I mention that Andrew and I tentatively chose his classes? That was an interesting process. With it being such a small school, there is not a lot to chose from but in a way, that makes things easier. He is taking his first Bible class....has to take two while he is there. I think it will be good for him.

Josh is doing really well with baseball. This week he is home so I will see a few more of his games. Andrew has eight games this week--finally--most teams have played almost 20 games and we have just played 11 I think--and it showed vs. St. Joe. We now have only two losses, which to many is a surprise, but Jim has always said that this group of kids is pretty darn good. We do not have the pitching we had last year but hitting wise we are much much better so it sort of evens out. Enough boring sports talk.

Tomorrow is the Senior Athlete Recognition dinner. We are looking forward to it but we also have a bridal shower for a Brawley cousin so it will be a busy day!

I am addicted to iced tea--last summer it was sweetened but I am going for just the clear, crisp taste of regular now. Yum.

Beep beep. Laundry is done. Off I go.