Monday, July 25, 2011

Low grade fever...

Here it is between appointments, but I have some things I have to document. Although this is not the first time I have run a low grade fever, I wanted to write about it to make sure IF it is anything, I am keeping a record of it. Last Tuesday I went to my family physician for a routine visit and had a temp of 100.5. Because of a mix up in what I was there for, Dr. T and I never really discussed it. I did have to come back today and again, I still have a temp, although today it is 99.5. It was enough for Dr. T to run a urine test (normal) and order some more blood work. I am not sure when I will get the results on that, but I would think soon. Dr. T did also mention he was going to call Dr. Ansari, which put me on high alert, of course. (I was already there...low grade fever can be a sign of tumors) So guess what I am doing? Taking my freakin' temp about every 1/2 hour! I even went to Walgreens and got a new digital...didn't get the mac-daddy $50 one, so I hope this one is accurate. I will say that historically, I do run high/normal temps. Around 99. But this time is making me anxious, which makes me more anxious. Such a rotten cycle.

One thing Dr. T said he was looking for was inflammation...didn't say infection, so maybe it is related to my aching hip and back.

Time to take my temp. I can tell I still have one but let's see what it says. 99.1. Also, did you know that your temp is highest in the afternoon?

Ok, so now this is documented. That's all for now.

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Hi Molly,

It's Kathy and I just commented on your comment on my blog. Thanks so much for your support! Hope you're feeling better. Try not to worry. You can email me at