Monday, August 8, 2011

CT scan today--worry already in full gear

Ugh..........had yet another appointment with Dr. Tacket today for my physical and since I still had a fever (99.5) he sent me for a CT scan with contrast of my chest. I am a mess of course and thought writing might help. As you all know, my cancer has a tendency to go to the lungs so that is where they are starting to try to figure out what is causing the fever. (I tried to come up with all kinds of reasons (hot flashes, medicines, etc) but Dr. T still wanted to do the test) The CT was a pain as well...well, it was fine...but the poor tech couldn't get a good vein for the contrast so I had to wait for an ER tech, who got it after some slapping of my wrists. Nothing is easy with me.

So now I wait. Dr. T's office has gone electronic so he expects the results today or tomorrow and promised that he would call...and then, regardless of what the results are, I have to go back to Dr. Ansari. (If there are issues, I have to see him obviously, if there are NOT issues, we still have to figured out what it is.) I asked Dr. T what ELSE it could be, and he said they might look at my thyroid is this comes back clear, although all my bloodwork in that area is fine. I will see Dr. A later this week I think...and of course I am supposed to go back to work starting Wednesday. Just my luck.

There did seem to be some concern about the granuloma that I have had for years...remember in May when Dr. Ansari's NP Brandy called and said they wanted the CT since the chest xray showed some growth? But during that phone call she said never mind, noting that I had had it awhile? I saw on the orders today that that was mentioned. If that thing turns out to be ACC I will be shocked. I have had it for at least 15 years I think. But as we all know, stranger things have happened and do seem to happen to me. By the way, my blood work in all areas has come back normal but I have learned that doesn't mean a lot.

What else do I need to document. Kellie, an ACC fighter, is in her last days/weeks of life, as her lungs are giving out. I think she is about 33 at the most, with a 6 year old. Her's was in her salivary glands but its still ACC regardless of where it is. I am sick thinking about her as her journey has been an inspiration to me. She has a Caringbridge site (like a blog) that I have followed for awhile. Hers went to her bones first...or at least that is what they saw.

Today is one year since Johnny died. That is weighing heavily on all our minds. I don't want this day to be associated with my cancer returning, that is for sure. It keeps running through my mind.

EEK. The phone just rang. It was the US Marines. Darn.

So here we are again. I hope it is just a temporary visit but I will be back as soon as I know anything.

I could use some lifting up today if you are so inclined...thanks, much!


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