Friday, August 19, 2011

Am I just HOT?

So we are exactly a month later than my first official temperature reading in Dr. T's office back in July. And yes, I'm still "fever" ish.

I don't know what to make of it and if I am honest, I am sort of ignoring it. I feel pretty much normal; however, my right ear and neck area is sore most of the time, but that has been going on for years. Keep in mind I take my temperature when I get up--it's almost ALWAYS between 98.6--99.0, and then when I get home from work, it is around 99.3-4. Sometimes, it creeps up to 99.5 early evening, but other times, it goes back down to 99 as long as I am just sort of resting on the couch or something. (the more active I am, the higher the temp) Again, I have not gone over 100 since that first day...and there are some sites that don't even consider me as having a fever at all.

What complicates this is that on occasion I do feel sick. Achy, flu like. And I don't do well when that is the case. Luckily, it has to be around 99.6 or up and that hasn't happened in awhile so that is a positive. Jim can also tell just by touching me...and I can pretty much predict what it will read.

Don't get me started on the research I have done on fevers and thermometers. I now own once of each kind and the ear one is the one I refer to the most. There are times that I wish I was not so body aware. It's makes for paranoia!

The only other minor issue I have going on is that sore tailbone from my fall down the stairs, and my right side is a bit sore...nothing too alarming but it feels tight and for a bit I was thinking I had some kidney issues going on. But that is hit or miss so I hardly obsess over THAT...: ) And my annual gyno exam turned out normal..even after I skipped a summer. I won't even waste your time with my story about getting the test results was me overreacting and jumping to conclusion. I really need to work on that.

Work is keeping me busy and keeps me from obsessing...enjoying my new job and the new challenges. Just stopped by here to document some things. It's my own private therapy. : )


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