Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Good news...but still big questions

I am so relieved...the CT scan of my chest came back clear, with the exception of that pesky granuloma that always shows up. I immediately felt better but the question remains as to why I still have a fever. And I still have one.

The strange thing about it is that I swear I didn't have one, or at least as high as one, until yesterday. I could feel my body getting hot...even asked my nurse/radiology expert sister if the CT Contrast could still make me feel hot (doubtful) because I could feel it in my body--except my feet, which were freezing. And now this morning, I still feel hot and I didn't have this yesterday. Of course my mind is running rampant...I have googled "unexplained fever" every which way but backwards. Did my annual "physical" cause this? Is it the combination of meds I am on? Could I really have cancer somewhere just not in my lungs? (biggest scare). Then I wonder if I am reacting to my implant--you know, fighting off a foreign body? But that isn't likely either. I sure hope Dr. Ansari has some POSITIVE answers. I see him tomorrow at 9:15. (Yes, my first day back at my new job...my new boss is probably going "great, sick the first day??) Luckily, my Ginger is still in town to go with me. I do NOT want further tests but can't imagine him having any answers without more tests. A bone scan maybe? Further CT's? An MRI of my head? (still suffer from ear pain quite often but that is nothing new since my 2001 surgery)

I honestly thought I would feel great this morning but even without taking my temp, I can tell my fever is still there. Granted, my thermometer (digital from Walgreens) never reads that I have a temp, but compared to the ear one at the doctor's office, it's off by a little less than one degree. So when I add that degree, I have a temp. Everyone else in my family is UNDER "normal" so I know I am odd.

Last but not least, I can't end without mentioning Kellie Martin, a young mom who is in her final stages of fighting ACC (neck) Her Caringbridge blog has been an inspiration to me and my heart is breaking as someone writes her blog for her as she fights for just one more day. She has a 5 year old son. Kellie was diagnosed just prior to delivering him. An amazing young lady! I pray for peace, healing of the lungs if God chooses, and calm to all.

Time to convince myself I feel good and head off to get some work done. So glad to write...I helps so much.


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