Sunday, August 14, 2011

No one seems too worried...

Ok...I met with Dr. Ansari on August 10th and to say he was underwhelmed by this fever business is an understatement. He wanted to know how high the fevers were. He asked me if I actually felt sick, and I told him no, not until the day of my CT Scan...yucky before it, and AWFUL after it. He then listened forever to my lungs and did the typical feel around my neck and look in my throat exam. He saw nothing, but decided to put me on an antibiotic anyway...a Z pack. Ginger and I listened to him dictate a letter to Dr. T and basically he said I was complaining of sore throat and drainage and he was suspicious I had a virus. (yeh, still gave me an antibiotic anyway) He said to come back if I continued to feel lousy, otherwise, I would see him in October.

Well, today, four days later I DO feel better, but still of course, I am still running a temp. I am excited that this morning it is 99.3 at its highest but last night it was 100 after leaving J, ohn and Ginger's...I do know your temp rises in the evening AND it was VERY warm at John and Ginger's. I want to also document that the right side of my head (ear, back of skill, right neck behind my ear) all hurt. Maybe, just maybe, this antibiotic, will help that and that is what is causing this?

Honestly, that is all I have to report. Just sick of thinking about being sick.

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