Saturday, November 22, 2008

Another ACC 'r

I just got an email from my rare cancer forum and there is a new member who is 43 and was just diagnosed. I know how scared she is and wish i could make it go away. I hope she visits my blog so she can see that there is life during and after cancer and it is going to be ok.

Having said that, yeh, I still worry. A new thing for me though is to not obsess over physical changes. i have had this ear ache for ever, and now I get minor spells of dizziness when I turn my I have decided I have some sort of fluid in my ear. Good enough for me.

Jim got his new (used) car yesterday. Its a black Yukon XL which is very similar to his other car, just younger and nicer. He seems happy and i like how slippery the seats are and how clean it is. Nice thing about totaling your car--you get a new, clean one! : )

Kalamazoo College is coming to school Monday to talk to Andrew and another senior football player about their program. The coach said that there are 13 football players that also play baseball so that has gotten Andrew's attention. K-college is 30K a year so this will be an interesting conversation! : )

That's all for now!



Stephanie said...

hi sister. I feel so sorry for the new member. It brings back so many memories for me. I hope she will join our friendship. You have been so helpful to me. Without you, like with cancer would have been very scary. This cancer seems to like us young ones. I see you are having your nipple put in place soon. My prayers will be with ya. Let me know how is goes pleeeeeease. xxxxxx

Angie said...

Hope you guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Another ACC'r said...

Hi Molly! Thanks for directing me to your blog. I am desperate for info right now. Can't sleep and keep having anxiety attacks. I just had total knee replacement 6 wks ago and the day I got home from the hospital they called and said my mammo was abnormal. I figured just a cyst or something cause I've always had lumpy breasts. Now, I can't believe this is happening to me just when I thought I was finally on the road to being well. I can't stand the thought of more surgery. Since I turned 40 I've had complete hysterectomy, gallbladder out and both knees done just this year. I feel like my body has just had too much stress and this is payback. Sorry to go on like this. Thanks for the nice comments though.