Tuesday, November 11, 2008


WOW. Just when life gets smooth and maybe even mundane, BOOM! Bambi's large overgrown father decides to slam into Molly's car, causing $3200 worth of damage--and get this--three days later the love of my life TOTALS our Suburban.

Yup, Friday night, coming home from my mom's surgery I hit a deer--well actually, it hit me. I couldn't even get out of my car to see the damage--but a man at the gas station that I was able to drive to--said "man, your car is messed up! And you should see all the fur!" So, yesterday, I spend all day on the phone with my insurance company but do get an estimate for fixing it--a nice $3200.

And then tonight, Jim is on his way to job number 2, coaching little 7th graders in basketball, and a truck slams into him in an intersection. The SUV is totaled--he is ok--but somehow, he ended up with the ticket. When he called me to tell me he said that the guy that hit him told him he (jim) ran a red light--honestly, I think he was stunned as all the airbags went off--and then the cop told him that since he wasn't there, and jim wasn't sure what happened jim ends up with the ticket....needless to say, we are going to fight it, as the more Jim reviewed it in his head, he thinks there is no way it happened the way the guy said. The guy also ran to Jim first, saying he was ok, and "the light was red, buddy" to Jim...almost like he was convincing Jim of it. Then, the guy let the ambulance take him away. All Jim worried about was his basketball players. Poor Jim. If you know him, he HATES conflict and is the nicest man on Earth, so he would never argue with anyone...but now he is pretty upset. So. Didn't our day just suck. But thank heavens, he is ok, and so is the other man.

To make matters worse, my mom is really struggling with her surgery. The surgery was supposed to take 2-4 hours and took 5--then when she was in recovery, she was filled with all kinds of fluid and it caused her all kinds of problems that were near life threatening. Once she overcame that obstacle, she was ok for one day, but then started vomiting so much they took her off all liquids (she hadn't even started food yet) and now she has an NG tube to keep emptying her stomach of the bile her gallbladder is sending it. Oh yeh, in the surgery, they found that she has lots of gallstones but her surgeon decided not to take it out as the surgery was already so extensive. So that sucks too. I don't even want to call her because she is so grumpy.

Again, we are all alive but gosh, what a few days it has been. We still have to figure out cars to drive--thank goodness for great family members.

Maybe tomorrow i will have something nice to say.



Jim Craig said...

Cars are easy to fix or buy another one. Thats what insurance is for. We are all very grateful that Jim is ok - Kate texted Lindsay last night and kept us updated.
The other day, Lindsay rear ended a car at the corner of grant and W. Main. Didn't hurt her truck (tank) at all, but messed up the car a little. The woman driving the car slammed on her brakes in the middle of the intersection with no warning and for no reason (you know that funky corner there) and Linz hit her. She was 81 years old, and so feeble and infirm that she was UNABLE TO GET OUT OF THE CAR by herself - said this was normal and that she could only get in and out with assistance from someone at home or the senior center.
You guessed it - the Niles cop, despite our protest, wrote Lindsay up for failure to stop. Unbelievable.

MadCityMike said...

Good to hear everyone is fine....Jim C. is correct. Cars can be fixed/replaced.
I guess that Bambi's kin was playing "payback" for all those years of "Brawley Hunts", and took it all out on you!
Take care..... all will work itself out......