Thursday, November 6, 2008

Another rare cancer.

My pal Debbie's cousin was DX'd with a rare "phyllode's tumor" breast cancer this week. Very similar to mine in that it is really, really rare and doesn't respond to chemo. "Cure" (and I use that term with hope and reality) is surgery. What is in the water here in Niles? She was diagnosed at Lakeland and for them to diagnose two really rare cancers must have had them talking the the lab! Today was her surgery I think...a lumpectomy so far. I hope all went well.

Jim is at basketball practice for his 7th graders. He is such a good guy. Took work off to get to his game on time but then the game got canceled. Lucky me, he had time to clean the house though!
He could have easily canceled practice but he's such a work horse. Last week a couple of his baseball players from way back at Howard Little league wanted to know when he would start working out with them again...he just loves coaching.

Still have not heard from MSU for Andrew. Nor CMU.

This week and next are "dead weeks" for high school so Andrew actually has some nights off. Josh got a detention today,which he deserved. If I was his teacher he would drive me nuts i think. Talks too much and likes to negotiate everything. But gosh, he sure brings a smile to my face when I see him.

John and Crazy Mil are back in the UP until after Thanksgiving. I will try not to talk so much about my love for the Up this coming season. But I am excited.

tomorrow my mom is having her colostomy reversal...she will be in the hospital for about 5 days. I am going up after lunch tomorrow.

Nice chatting with you--


toad4mimi said...


I am sooooooooo bummed that I won't be in the UP for Thanksgiving. I hate my job, sometimes! You'll have to take on Boulder Junction without me, dang it!

Hope all goes well with your friend and your mom.


Stephanie said...

Hi Sister, wow another women with cancer. It seems to be everywhere. And it is another rare kind? So sad. I kinda get scared thinking chemo does not work for us. What happens if it comes back?? Or the doctors are wrong? I just pray daily that is never comes back. I leave it in Gods hands... but it is still scary. I hope all is well with you. How is the boob pain? All gone I hope. Your mom and your friend will be in my prayers tonight. I wish them well!! night for now xxxxxx

Angie said...

In our prayers as always