Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Crying in Mudville.

Wow. Long time.

Tonight, there is no joy in Mudville. Vikes lost to Lakeshore in the district game, in extra innings. I am just weepy for the seniors. Andrew has another year left but it still is hurting him to see his friends sad. The Lakeshore coach is one of Andrew's summer coaches and a great guy...I am just glad it was a good game and we did well for the most part. But damn I wanted to beat them!!!

My surgery on pizza pocket is in July. They slice it off. Ugh. My nipple is built from skin that is on my breast area--not Pizza Pocket fat. How is that for a visual?

Graduation was wonderful. Stressful, but wonderful. Two more days that I have to get the kids up. I am finished June 12 and really need a good summer vacation since last year pretty much sucked.

Shade ran away last week and ended up in the pokey--yup, the mean old dog catcher got 'er. She was missing all day and when I finally found out, I said 'maybe she's at the pound?" and sure enough, she was. They were about to close so she had to spend the night. Of course, last night I wanted to send her back because she was all nutso over the storm. I died laughing at Jim trying to get her under the bed. Our bedroom has a wooden floor so it is very slippery so Jim would slide her under, she would crawl out, he would slide her back, she would crawl out, he would slide her back. Our floor no longer needs to be dusted.

Doesn't the weather stink? I truly think I suffer from SAD, but only when it is supposed to be summer-like. I am fine with snowstorms, but this cold weather makes me depressed. I just want sunny skies, a pool, a good book, and a large iced tea with lemon.

Thanks for checking in. I still need each and everyone one of you.



Kathy said...

Kathy (Gano 86' Niles grad) Schiele checking in here. I am green when it comes to all this blogging. I have been reading since Baby Ava went to Heaven. But about two weeks ago I found the wonderful tab that let me go back to the beginning of your story. I have finally caught up and let me just say WOW!!! You are a breath of fresh air for all those having to deal with cancer. And yes CANCER SUCKS!!! (Took my grandma a year and a half ago.) I found myself laughing and crying. I pray your doctors will do a great job removing pizza pocet. Will this be the end?

Molly! Thanks for sharing your story with everyone. You can bet I will share your blog with anyone I come in contact with that has to deal with that ugly "c" word. You are HOT - honest, open and transparent!!

Betty said...

Morning Mol, Although I haven't written in awhile I'm still out here and checking your blog.

Sorry to hear of Vikes' loss. Yikes! Andrew's a senior (almost).

Think we should have a July "Goodbye Party" for Pizza Pocket.

Did hear that graduation went well, but pretty cold out there. Robert had asked me to come, but was busy (retirement is a misnomer - seems I'm always on the go) Speaking of the weather - I played in my golf league last night wearing my CuddlDuds! Seem to play better in cool weather (wonder if the temp affects the golf ball's flight) Had 3 pars and a birdie for 9 holes. Great for me!

Does Shade have a collar with tags, or a chip? We had a lost dog in our neighborhood for over a week. Made calls with no luck. Couldn't catch him because he was real skiddish, but finally I put food out (probably fed the coyotes - but being a dog lover...)
Then one day a lady drove by yelling a name so I stopped her and told her that her dog might be hanging out by the Morris Farms. He was, and the reunion was sweet.

Take care,