Thursday, May 29, 2008

School's out for the summer!

Sigh of relief--the year is over and calmness should be restored to school and my household. No more waking the boys up each morning and waking them up again...and again..GET UP!!!!!!!!!! (in my best mother screech!) No more...for a few months anyway. I have two more weeks.

Jim is off helping a little league team in Edwardsburg. He is so good with little kids. He took Andrew and his buddies with him to help. It looks like it may storm so I expect them home soon. Jim wants to go out to eat for dinner...the Cubs are on TV and we don't get the game so that is why. : ) Joshie is announcing at a different little league game.

Just did my monthly googling of new documents or research. Didn't learn anything new. My mom is back on chemo--just half the dosage--she is back eating and her hands are not peeling anymore.

I think both boys did well grade wise..unfortunately, Josh ended up with his first more perfect gpa. Andrew's gpa should actually go up, but when he said "I know I got three right" on his calculus test I'm not so sure....there were 50 questions. Ugh. I am hoping next year's math will go better. Even though he hovered in the B range most of the year, he claims he has no idea what he was doing all year. Next year's teacher is very diligent on "understanding" so I think it will be better. Andrew used the "I don't get it so why try?" crutch too often.

I am watching Friends right now and that show just makes me laugh. Especially Ross.

I've babbled on long enough about nothing. I know I need a haircut so if you see me, just know that I know it. : )

Love to you all-


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