Saturday, May 10, 2008

Fist fights in the office

I'm sure no one is reading anymore--don't blame ya one bit. I honestly haven't had time to even think about blogging, but here I am, saying hello: HELLO

Nothing really exciting or new right now. My mom has hit the chemo wall as they say, and now has every crappy side effect she could have. Her lips are so cracked and peeling--she can hardly eat--and the nausea has started. Her hands are a mess too--cracked and splitting, along with a little neuropathy (tingling). They've totally taken her off one drug, and are lowering the dosage of the other. She has lost 20 pounds and is sustaining her current weight with Ensure.

Tomorrow is Mother's Day and I am feeling very guilty about not going to see her, but Jim got Cubs' tickets and we really need to spend time together as a family. With his helping with baseball, and my schedule, we are seeing more of each other driving by than at home. Andrew's team lost again today, so Jim is in a funk...Josh's team hardly ever wins so no funk going on there! Jim feels bad for missing Josh's games, and Josh LOVES to make him feel guilty...Andrew is bumming because he isn't playing at all defensively (but is the DH) so people are just a bit grouchy around here! We are going to have DQ tonight so at least I will be happy. : )

Let's see. I lost my debit card. PANIC city for me. I think I left it in one of the machines that keeps bank's machine is just a swiper so when I went to the keeper one, I just drove off. I have already ordered another one, but since Jim and I never have cash I thought I would starve or something. : ) We got gas last night in Coldwater, MI and the pump stopped at $100 for the Yukon. Then I got gas today in my tiny Malibu and it was $50. Arggggghhhhhhh.

The seniors are done on Wednesday. Amazing. This year has to be the fastest year ever. 'course I spent much of it at doctor's appointments.

Yesterday, our Student Council sponsored a Pancake Breakfast for Relay for Life. They made $500. The kids loved it--missing seminar to eat! While this was going on, my two polite young children were in my office asking for money and actually got in a fist fight while I was getting it for them. I bet that has not happened in too many principals' offices anywhere in the world. What was worse was I was on the phone with a parent--luckily, she is a friend of mine and laughed it off but I about suspended both of them. I called Jim at work and told him I should get extra duty mother pay for having to be with them 24-7. He at least gets to go to work to avoid them for a few hours. : )

MMMMM. Time to run. Cancer is about 5th on the "topics on my brain" list.

That's a good thing.

Mother and Dog Owner of the Year


toad4mimi said...


I still check your blog, Molly! Basically just so I know what my family is up to! Life is so busy, sometimes it borders on insane; just wanted you to know that I'm still here in the bloggersphere, if not physically present.

Happy Mother's Day, and I hope it doesn't rain all day in Chicago. Go Cubs!


Debbie said...


I also check your blog. You have been a real inspiration to me. I have one more chemo and then I will start the chest expander journey. I will refer to your blog to compare our experiences.

Thanks for talking to me about your experience, I know it will help me with mine. I am glad that you are not obsessing about cancer, (hard not to do, but totally understandable).

Enjoy Mother's Day - GO CUBS!!


Kristina said...


I still check your blog everyday also. I love hearing about your life and how you are healing and living!!! It is so good to know that there is someone else out there with the exact same situation as mine. Most days cancer is pretty low on my list also but, every once in a while it does rear its ugly head in my mind and takes over for a while. Then I just try to let it go as soon as I can and move on. I was on the Rare Cancer Website the other day and read about another woman who had mets to the lungs years after her breast. That always freaks me out a bit, I have to go for my chest xray but of course I hate go for any diagnostic test these days. The worry and fear that I get all wrapped up in beforehand and waiting for the results is awful.
Thankfully, though I realize how lucky I am to have really good doctors who are somewhat familiar with this type of cancer, not in the breast, but at least they have seen it before and seem to understand how to treat it. It seems from the Website that there are people out there who cant even get diagnosed correctly and seem to be uncertain how to treat it.

I hope you enjoyed your Mother's Day and I am glad your mother is hanging in there. Chemo is tough but she seems to be a fighter. I see where you get it from.

Much love and well wishes,