Sunday, April 27, 2008

Long hours.

Hi all--I am a neglectful blogger. So busy this week--worked 11-12 hour days last week on a new scheduling program. The trainer was here from Colorado so I needed to make the most of having her here. The middle school also had training but their schedule is so much simpler than the high school's so luckily they didn't need the trainer as much as I did. The program is actually very user friendly but doesn't solve the problem schedule that we offer. No one cares now but when Joe Schmoe can't get Calculus because he has AP Biology--well, it makes parents mad. But, truth be told, figuring out the schedule is like solving a complicated puzzle and can be fun and challenging. (I know you are thinking well, don't offer AP Biology the same time as Calculus, but when I move AP Bio it conflicts with Band...see the problem?)

This week we will be starting teacher interviews...we are looking for a math/science teacher combo. Any future teachers out there? Math and science is where to head...

Not much else to report. Jim took Dan Holland and Andrew to the Notre Dame baseball game. Josh and I are hanging out. I paid bills today and was able to actually pay some EARLY. Jim will be proud. : )

Just in case you were concerned about my relationship with my dog based on the our latest round of storms...I finally convinced her to get under the bed. Jim had to deal with her for awhile--talk about no patience!!!!...but once Jim falls asleep, he is I was left with her trying to crawl inside me with the ol' paw scratching the heck out of my face and her hot, stinky breath all over me. So I went to the window and stood there and lo and behold, Shade followed me, couldn't stand the noise, so she got under the bed. I think she stayed there the rest of the night.

On a good note, I have removed myself from the Breast Cancer listserv email group that I joined right after DX. I couldn't keep up with the number of emails. Why is this good? Because I am not so focused on cancer. Have had some wierd dreams about my mom, though. She is doing ok, but her skin is troublesome right now from a certain drug. So they have stopped it for the time being. I need to go see her soon. They are still very busy with their retirement activities so that is good.

Life seems normal.


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