Friday, April 4, 2008

Uneventful day--isn't that nice?

Spring Break is officially over--just in time for the sun to come out tomorrow! Woohoo...high of 62. The Vikings have their first game (finally) starting at 10 a.m. in South Bend. I guess Andrew is playing first base, which is strange but he can pretty much play anywhere in the infield so whatever is best for the team. Josh doesn't play for awhile.

I have become addicted to McDonald's Sweet Tea. I grew up drinking regular ice tea--my mom always made sun tea--and my neighbor across the street Felicia (I called her Fi, short for FiFi) always had sweet tea that her mom made and it was the BEST. So Mickey D's tea reminds me of that. Yummy.

I have not done much constructive today except laundry. The house is picked up (notice I didn't say clean) but since Andrew cleaned out the bottom of his closet the laundry will never end. Normally, I clean closets on Spring Break but never did.

Did I tell you I love my purse?

Andrew and Kait got his tux. It is black with turquoise tie, etc...It's a regular tie. I asked Andrew if the turquoise matched Kait's dress and he said "she said it did, so yeh, I guess." I asked him where they were going to dinner and he said "Kait knows." I asked him who they were going with and he said "uh...Kait knows." Poor Kait. What a nub he is. He IS very excited and asked me a few questions about prom in general but he sure isn't into details.

After practice today many of the team went to shave their heads. They had mentioned mohawks so I reminded Andrew of prom...I sure hope he comes home with some hair.

Spaghetti for dinner tonight.

Life is good.


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Debbie said...

Cody is also going to the prom. He has not picked out his tux yet. I will be allowed to go with him and his date to choose the tux. I think that they are going to go to Olive Garden for their dinner. I am not sure who they are going with. If you need an additional chaperone for the prom, let me know :) I am sure that my presence would go over as well as a turd in the punch bowl :)

Deb F.