Sunday, April 13, 2008

A shady relationship is hitting the rocks!

My dog and I are experiencing some relationship issues. She is driving me insane. First of all, we had to drug her earlier this week because of storms. You know how I used to feel bad about that? Well, I am about ready to do it ALL THE TIME. (not really, you PETA fans out there!) The real issue is at night--she gets me up every two hours. What she does is she hits our closet doorknob with her nose and then sits and looks in this antique full length mirror. She can see me in bed that way--she won't come on the bed--but just sits and whines as she looks in the mirror. If I don't get up, she keeps hitting the doorknob with her snout.

This morning she was sound asleep when Jim got up to go hit with Andrew. I told him to take her out and give her a treat, so she would leave me alone. She refused to budge. Jim leaves about 20 minutes later and lo and behold, Shade is nudging that damn doorknob. I am a poster parent for HOW TO LET YOUR DOG CONTROL YOU.

Ok, if I am honest, the reason she is doing this is because we are not home until 7-8 at night and she is bored out of her skull. But dang, I am losing sleep like a newborn's mother. I am sure she sleeps all day when we are gone, and with baseball, we just aren't home. This coming week will be just as bad--we have something every night except Monday. So that is my sad tale about the dog I love so much.

Speaking of baseball, the Varsity Vikes are doing pretty well--I think we are 4-1. Andrew watches the weather report every day like its his job--he loves the game so much and can't stand when anything is cancelled. Thank goodness we had nothing scheduled this weekend. Josh is quite disappointed--his team has only been able to practice on a baseball field three times and any scheduled game he has had has been cancelled. He is convinced they will "stink" so I hope they can get a game or at least some solid practrices under their belts SOON.

The weather looks like it might be better for next week--Prom day looks rainy but that is a week off as it is. I have to call my dear friend Betty to see if she is still my date. We have been prom dates for at least 7 years in a row. I won't let her off the hook yet. ; )

It is snowing right now. My lovely black lab is sound asleep on the big comfy couch--Josh is still in bed. Jim and Andrew are the worker bees--they've been gone to Dowagiac to hit since 8:00 this morning. I am still in my jammies but did start some laundry. Dinner today at John and Ginger's at 12:30. I wonder what we are having? I bet a fish fry since they had some left over fish from the Brian Parker Foundation fish fry. They made over $2000 but since they had to bread the fish early to be ready, there was some left over. Fried blue gill are great, but I am just not in the mood. I love Ginger's soups so maybe she will have a big pot of her famous Potato Soup in addition to the fish.

Much to do today. Yesterday was a big comfy couch day, reading and watching the Masters. I love to do that. I told Jim the course at the Masters would be a wonderful campground. He looked at me like I said something against God himself and that I was headed straight to hell.

Much love to you all.

Molly Elizabeth Brawley, Dog Owner Extraordinaire

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