Friday, April 18, 2008

Earthquakes and Prom 2008

Just real quick--it is midnite--I am waiting for Andrew to get home from his prom...he is spending the night with his baseball team at the coach's house and he needs directions. You would think with the coach being his uncle (well, actually his cousin but the age thing confuses all the kids) he would know how to get there. He's been there numerous times but is directionally challenge.

Andrew is definitely a Brawley. Would much rather have been in a baseball uniform and when he got to prom he asked if it would be ok if Kait drove my car home. He HATES to drive. Poor Kait, she does not know how typical this is for a Brawley...well, at least my husband!

All the kids were gorgeous, the colors vibrant and amazing. So many different types of dresses...tuxes were pretty standard. I went to dinner with my pals Betty and Robert. When Andrew said he wouldn't dance until I left, that was my cue. I think I drive him nuts but the feeling is mutual.

On a different note, the earthquake this morning was felt by my husband who was just leaving for work. He called me after he got to work when he heard it was an earthquake. GET THIS--when he felt the quake he thought it must have been me, JUMPING ON OUR BED!!!! How many 45 year olds do you know who jump on their bed at 5:40 in the morning?????

Silly Nimmy.

Love to you all--



MadCityMike said...

I left this comment yesterday, but it seems not to have taken. :(

Kait reminds me of the "new sister" on the TV show, "Brothers and Sisters".....What do you think?

Kelly said...

Too funny Molly, I started yelling at AJ during the earth quake...thinking he must have been jumping on the bed too! Only to realize after I heard a loud snore, he had fallen asleep out on the sofa watching UFC!

Prom pictures were beautiful and it was a great night. Rachel came over for pics with Katie before both their proms. I was suddenly sad she was not with the old Ballard gang for prom!

Think of you often~

toad4mimi said...


Poor Nate Allison isn't listed in the prom picture you posted (he's next to Bryanna).

Johnny and I both felt the earthquake, too. I just thought it was Johnny "making the earth move". :)