Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Let me tell you about my purse.

Interesting day today. I went to Kalamazoo to sit with my mom during her all day chemo session. I am so glad I did as it opens my eyes to other aspects of this terrible disease that I have been lucky to avoid. The place was WAAAAY too said it was actually pretty empty compared to other Wednesdays. Maybe everyone is on Spring Break? There were some pretty amazing people there...fighting the good fight. A couple women there with no hair--such a telltale sign of breast cancer. One lady near my mom has been coming to the Cancer center since 1999...she was about 50. Wow.

My mom looks good, albeit her hair has gotten so gray! She used to dye it and since cancer decided what the hell...she hates it but since it IS thinning a little bit she doesn't want to harm it any more by putting chemicals on it. She looked little to me...she says she has lost 10 pounds but only right after surgery--she has lost no weight on chemo but sure looked tiny. I think she is doing fine, but not as well as she portrays. Bless her for that tho'--she doesn't want me to worry down here so tells me everything is fine. My dad takes such good care of her. They both enjoyed their Subway subs for lunch--mom could only eat 1/4 of hers but had eaten lots of cookies that the "coffee cart" had brought around. There was also a woman there who gave massages...even to visitors. It was actually a very nice place but one that no one wants to visit!

The car ride was filled with singing and open windows. Just me and my XM radio listening to the Pina Colada song. I had forgetten the story of that song...I think back in the day I never listened to lyrics, just sang. It's a silly song but fun.

Let me tell you about my purse. I am making a big deal out of it because it is something I have wanted for years. My friends Marcia and Betty will understand...I bought my first Vera Bradley purse! Now, mind you, some people think these purses are for old ladies and don't understand the attraction for this cloth thing...but I have wanted one for a long time, so if they are for old ladies, well, then I am an old lady and happy to be one! I also splurged and got a wallet in the same pattern. This was my 6 month NED (no evidence of disease)purchase. (One woman I know goes on a great vacation every year she is NED. We love NED.) So, what I like about the purse besides its bright and sunny pattern is that I can actually see in more dark leather that was vinyl anyway. : )

Did you notice my little quiz in the upper right hand corner of the blog site? It's something new that the blog site is offering so I thought I would try it out. Answer if you know...and even if you don't. I will tell the answer in a few days. Also, by now you have noticed I changed the blog template again. I was getting tired of it. Someone needs to design some other templates I think. : )

That is all for now. Such a wonderful day. Appreciate your good health each and every day!



Dawn said...

Hey, Molly!
I tried to vote but for some reason the message came up "page not found" and it did not register. Congrats on your good news this week! Also, congrats on your Vera Bradley purchase. I love Vera Bradley. The only items I have are gifts from my friend, Becky, because they are not in my budget at this time. What are you reading these days? I am reading Kristin Hannah now.

Dawn Brooks

Betty said...

Hooray Mol, Just catching up - island hopping down the coast and will end up for a week at Hilton Head with Drew, Ashley and Sadie.

Great news! Celebrate NED! Cool beans, girl!

As for the Vera Bradley old lady tale, the other day I ran into a college-aged girl with a complete set of Vera's luggage. Course the next day I saw her carrying a Loius Vitton purse. Therefore, you now have an excuse to -----Keep Shopping.

I'll celebrate your NED with a Pina Colada:)


PK said...

Hey Molly, the contestants at the Miss Indiana (Miss America System) Pageant used to get all kinds of Vera stuff from the MiCity Lighthouse Mall. They LOVED it! U be kool.
I spent a few days at chemo with my Mom as you did with is truly an eye opener & scary & inspirational. Are there more caring people than those that work in oncology??? My favorite memory was the day we went to UP Mall after she got done with chemo & she announced that she was about to give new meaning to the phrase "Shop til you drop!" She really lived every moment given to her. Thanks for the lead to a good memory....


Debbie said...

Hey Molly
I took Devon with me to an appt. with Dr. Ansari's office. I was talking about getting chemo, going to the lab etc. Now that she has visited the office, she knows what the infusion room looks like. It drove her crazy to just sit and wait for tha labs to be drawn. She went with me on the visit for the genetic counseling. It is very scary the first time tht you visit the IR, but now it is a piece of cake. My next visit is Friday, 4/11. I am going solo with my laptop and plan on listening to music :)

Hegemom said...

I know how to adjust the blog background and stuff. :-) Mine is all kinds of altered. If you want help, lemme know.