Monday, May 19, 2008

Summer surgery

Short and quick.

Saw Dr. Messinger and he assures me losing Pizza Pocket is an office procedure that just requires a local anesthetic. And, get this, he will sew me up a new nipple using my current skin right there on the table! He drew on me...I will have two more scars, but I am so mutilated now, who cares I guess. I had the surgery scheduled for July 25 but they called back to re-schedule, which I can't remember to do. Nevertheless, surgery will be this summer.

Honor's Reception is done...Baccalaureate is Wednesday, Graduation Thursday. Exams for underclassmen start Friday...and then four more days! How fast of a year it has been.

I have been overwhelmed with things at work, unexpected things that don't allow me to do my regular job. But we are getting there. I get to work at 7:00 and today was the earliest I have left in weeks. We do have a board meeting tonight so work really isn't done yet for the day. Life is still good.

I went to see my mom this weekend and she is now wearing a wig and looks much better than the last time I saw her. Her wig is sort of a sandy brown...a wierd switch for her--all of us have pretty dark hair, with mine being the lightest. Her fingers looked and peeling, but healing better than before. She is dreading her next chemo and has mentioned a few times "people who have just stopped it." I don't think she wants to do it, but not eating and having painful fingers and feet has to be miserable. She has lost 23 pounds. She's a much smaller person than I am--only about 5'6" and much littler all around. She still has her booty (a family trait) and the docs don't want her losing any more weight. She's still tough but manage to go to Panera with us and ate some chicken broth. She manages to get down about 700 calories a day, mainly Ensure. Sister Sue and my daddy take good care of her.

TTFN. Cancer sits but doesn't influence.



Debbie said...

You sound like such a busy girl. Are you going to have an areola tattooed on your new boob? Sheryl told me you were going to get a nipple. Are they going to sue skin from Mr. Pizza Pocket or somewhere else?

Sorry about all the questions. I hope your mom does better with her chemo. It is not a fun process.

Don't over work yourself.

Deb F.

Teresa Hartman said...

Thinking of you, Molly, and letting you know that you do have readers out here. I wish you the best summer ever! And I am glad that cancer is down to 5th on your mind! -Teri