Monday, May 12, 2008

Pizza and Thyroid

Pizza Pocket lives on in case you had forgotten. Tuesday I am heading back to Kalamazoo to see Woody to decide if we want to slice Pizza Pocket off or not. A BC sister on the Internet told me it was an out patient procedure but she came home with 2 drains and an incision that went nearly to her back shoulder blade. UGH........that makes me want to say NO. But I will see what dear Woody says. He hasn't done anything too painful to me so I will trust his opinion. By the way, Miss Boobie is doing ok--my incision still itches and there is a rough spot that I itch too much so I have a really red area. But all in all, she's doing her thing, hanging around like a good boobie does.

I also met with Dr. T this week to go over additional bloodwork. All is fine there. He does want me to see a colon doctor (that is easier to spell than gastroendommmmmmblahblahblah) just to see what I should do about early screening. So I do that June 5th. I do not know the results of my thyroid test. I am hoping they say "WOW! No wonder you are fat!!!" and tell me my thyroid is really out of is out of whack, but I think the meds are working just fine, unfortunately. : )

Seniors are almost done. Andrew will be lost without his senior buddies. I used to make fun of my friends who are all weepy about their senior kids but I am right there with them now, thinking about senior pictures, graduation, etc. I do think this summer we need Andrew to really commit to where he wants to visit. He has no interest in going out of state as of now.

TTFN. Jim made wonderful steaks. It's 9:12 and I am about to eat half a cow.

"WOW! No wonder I'm fat."



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