Saturday, December 29, 2007


Ava is losing her valiant fight. The family is gathering tomorrow at U of M. Please pray for a miracle and if He can't grant one, please pray that Ava finally can rest and sleep like babies are supposed to. Ava, you are so loved.

I will keep you posted as I can. Please pray for peace for Jamie and Jamie and the entire Zimmerman/Weaver family. They need us now more than ever.

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Kristina said...

I am heartbroken over the news about Ava. She has been such a light and source of inspiration to me over the last couple of months. I so look forward to reading her blog everyday and looking at the pictures. Your blog and her's have been the highlights of some of these very dark and dreary winter days. I cant believe she is losing the fight. I will keep praying for a miracle, my heart is breaking for both Jamie's, but especially her mother. No parent should outlive their child. I hope it is not too late for a miracle.