Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas to you!

I wasn't going to post today because I went to bed at 8:20 p.m. Didn't know it was 8:20--I thought it was like 11:00 or some later hour. Anyway, Jimmy is asleep, Josh is playing x-box live with 1/2 the world and Andrew is at Kait's house. And since it is now like 10:30 and I am not asleep I thought I would write. Shade is mad that we left her all day.

First of all, I hope everyone had a peaceful Christmas. I am still amazed at my mom's strength. Less than two weeks ago she had a huge tumor removed, a big a whole cut into her belly and she still is going strong. Now granted, she didn't so much but sit and watch us all do the Christmas stuff, but mentally you would never know she is facing chemo and who knows what else. I know she is WAY less obsessed with knowing every thing there is to know...she is much more patient than I was--and doesn't seem bothered at all by what looms ahead. She and my dad are in such a good place in their lives...my dad is like a rare diamond in the rough at the retirement complex--Sue (my sis) said that all the women are buzzing all around him when he comes down for coffee, etc. Most of them are single with husbands who died recently so Dad is a hot commodity. My mom just thinks it is so funny because he waits on all the ladies when they need something. My parents have been married over 50 years and not all of them the best, but damn, they sure are going strong. When I watched my dad helping change my mom's colostomy bag, I welled up...there is just so much love there in a pretty "crappy" situation. (oh gosh, that was bad...tee hee)

I have thought about Jamie and Jamie all day today. Last I talked to Heather, which was Monday morning, Ava had had a "wonderful" night according to Carol and boy Jamie. She is "peeing like crazy" and the seizures have stopped. Dr. Hirsch was "ecstatic" and felt that she too could go and have a nice Christmas with her family because Ava was doing better. I do not know anything since this story but pray almost hourly that she is making strides. I know Mom Jamie got the needed love and energy from Bray while she was home...and I am sure she is back at U of M now, loving on little Ava.

Poor poor Jimmy. He gets me a new car for Christmas and I got him a bathrobe. What he really wants is a new front door. So I think in my two weeks off I am going to try to arrange that. He also really wants an old nasty refrigerator out of our garage. Do dumps take refrigerators? I am so domestically challenged it isn't funny.

Netter, if you are reading this I want to thank you again for the sweet card and great picture. While I remember seeing the picture, I do not remember giving it to you. And you are so right, I can't stop smiling. Your words made me realize that simple things do matter and we never know how anything we say or do can affect others. I will take that picture and put it on my desk and school so when I am about to go "administrative" on some poor high schooler, I will remember that just maybe a kind word would work better! Between your eulogy for Grampa and that card, I think you made me cry twice this year. You always were a writer.

And Mimi...always the "great aunt", thanks for remembering Kait with your gift the other night. Your little touches are always so special.

Oh my god! Go back to the paragraph about my mom. Re-read where I talk about getting her tumor out...a big a whole....how hilarious is that???? I meant to write a big hole. That was such a non-intended pun I am leaving it. Goodness.

Well, when I went to bed at 8:20 I did start reading a decent book so I guess I will go back to it. Besides getting Jim and new door, a goal of mine this vacation is to read at least four books.

I hope all of you had a joyful day. I know I did.



Kelly said...

So happy your Christmas was joyful! Ours was as well, aside from the news that AJ's mom has brain cancer. They think it is the return of her bladder cancer from 4 years ago. Add her to your prayer list that gets longer every day it seems!

We did have 2 new babies to love this year. Tony and Deb blessed us with Jada on Dec. 19th and my brother & his wife blessed us with a baby boy at the end of November. They are both beautiful and in good health. Thanking God for that as I pray for the same for Miss Ava.

Thanks for the email about AJ, the swelling of his head is beginning to lessen ;-)

Enjoy your time away from work, I plan to~ Love ya Molly

sheryl said...

Christmas for the McKeels was also wonderful. Sad and happy at the same time that it is overwith. Now for some much needed rest. Started a book last night called Orange Blood complements of Amy Gourlay.

Received some disheartning news yesterday. Debbie Floor (Cody's mom) found out Tuesday that she has breast cancer. After a routine mamogram, went in for a diagnostic mamogram and for an ultra-sound. Next came the biopsy and she received the news on Tuesday that she has cancer. She is seeing the surgeon today. I tried very hard to reassure her that it will all be ok. Molly you are my inspiration. I pray that they found it early. What is happening???? Is it our age?

My prayers go out to everyone.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Just started reading your blogspot courtesy of Ava (her big brother is in my daughter's preschool class). Thanks for sharing your experiences--I'm sure you're touching many lives of which you're unaware!! I appreciate all you taught me in high school! Keep on fighting, and most importantly, keep on keeping the faith!!
Love, Holly (Spraker) Kalling