Saturday, December 29, 2007

The list grows.

Oh my gosh, with the addition of Debbie Floor's breast cancer, I think there are seven of us who have been diagnosed with cancer in the last six months. There is me, Troy, Marilyn, my mom, Tim, Linda, and now Debbie. Not to mention Pat P., Susan, and Dennis who are also all dealing with it. These are all people I consider friends, and I am sure you all know even more. This is just crazy. But, at least we are all among the living, fighting the fight every day.

I must confess that before I was diagnosed with cancer I used to hear of others' diagnoses and as shameful as this is, I was always somewhat relieved that the ODDS of me getting it were less--after all, there are only so many people in a circle of people who get cancer. Well, crap, that theory is shot to hell with all of the people above. This 2007 year has been so up and down...I really am going to be glad to kiss it goodbye in a few days, but know that 2008 might bring more crap, but may bring joy as well. And that doesn't make me much different than you non-cancer people either. I guess we all have the same fears for the most part.

Why is it that after Christmas you still feel the need to spend loads of money? I had lots of gift cards to spend--which I did--but then went to Bed, Bath and Beyond where I had no gift cards and spent $90. On What? Nothing that I really needed.

As you know I got a new car, and I must say I am receiving quite the attention from it. I have had more people point at it, one guy said "there's the new malibu", and another person was checking out the interior. Chevy did a great job of marketing the car I must say. Also, I LOVE MY XM satellite radio. That is probably the best part of the car--plus the remote start.

I forgot to tell you all that my mom got an infection in her incision...she is doing fine but spent Wednesday in the doctor's office. I guess any type of stomach/colon surgery is very ripe for infection. The doctor had to cut her open again (in the office) and pack her full of guaze...Sue says she is fine now. I had that happen with my neck surgery and it happened on Christmas Eve so there is something about Christmas and infections in my family. But mom is doing well. She sees the oncologist, a Dr. Payne (my sister's friend's partner) January 11.

My boob is bothering the heck out of me. Oh, by the way, my next surgery is February 7--exactly 5 months after my mastectomy. It is a Thursday and we are planning on it being out patient surgery at Bronson. I just hope the new implant is a bit softer than the boulder in there now. This thing is about ready to burst and is constantly pulling on my back muscles. It is so much higher that droopy boob.

One week left of vacation. I still haven't done anything about Jim's new front door. I am a terrible wife. : ( I do need to finish a thesis for my graduate class, which I have decided is my number one priority. I have to write a paper about how I deal with parents on my job--from the start of a problem to the resolution. Luckily, I can write NON-stop about just about anything so I have that going for me. : )

I have not talked to Heather about Ava so I too will be checking her website.

More later. I should probably do something constructive today, like clean my closets. TTFN.


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April Meek said...

You can add Troy's grandpa to that cancer list. We found out about 2 days before Christmas that he has bladder cancer. Way too much cancer on that side of the family- Years ago his wife died from lung cancer, then Troy's dad died from stage 4 colon cancer, and there is Troy. I have to admit I am also sooo ready for 2007 to be over. I hope 2008 treats us better.

I bet it feels good to have a date for your next surgery-probably mixed emotions-but it is always nice to have a plan. Sorry to hear that rock boob is so uncomfortable.

I hope your mom is doing okay the poor thing can't get a break- OUCH!

Take care,