Thursday, December 6, 2007

Crap and Fiji water

Still here. Have had crappy week. Got the stomach flu on Andrew's birthday, watched Andrew's basketball team get demolished by Mattawan on Andrew's birthday, had to watch Andrew deal with crap at school on his birthday that NEVER should have happened, and well, things are just sort of crappy. But I guess it is all relative--it's not like I have cancer or anything! Oh wait, I do--well, at least I did.

Of course when I did get the stomach flu I immediately thought that cancer was ravaging through my intestines. But a good puke cured it. (ok, sorry, that is a bit too detailed even for me) I am feeling better and made it to work today to face the crap that was getting crappier. Just all part of the job I guess.

Also had a boob fill up today--didn't even see Dr. M. Nothing interesting to report. 60 cc's, still got Mr. Pizza Pocket who now features a lovely shiny stretch "worm" as I call it. Think pregnancy stretch marks. UCK.

Let's talk about my little Kristina. Don't you just love her? If you don't read Jamie's blog about Ava you may not know that Kristina, who lives 1000's of miles away, blogged a very touching note to Jamie. Kristina is my BC sister, like TWIN sister, since we have the same kind, and of course none of us have ever met her, have no clue what she looks like, but through the power of WORDS she touched me, Jamie's family, many others, and most importantly, Jamie. Love the internet and once again, know that blogging is important.

April, if you are out there, I have had people ask about Troy. If you don't mind, will you post an update? We are all still praying for him.

John and Ginger are back. WAHOO! Pam and I LOVE our IN-LAWS. (I am sure Aida does too but I talk to Mimi more often) I know I have talked a lot about Crazy Mil, but Crazy Fil deserves some press too. John, Jim's dad, knows everybody, or at least thinks he does. (what actually happens is this: Strange person: Hey John,how are you? John: Hey, great! How's the fishing? Strange person: Great...yada yada yada." Conversation continues for 45 minutes while Ginger waits patiently. John and Ginger get in truck to drive away. John: Ginger, who was that?") We love him, despite his wackiness about half-empty pop cans, "you'd better eat everything on your plate", "I'm going to get your gizzard" which he says to all babies, scaring the bejeezus out of them and their parents, he says "Yello" when he answers the phone, back in his day "the athletic director, the principal and the coach rode the bus to all the games", he tells loads of dirty jokes...oh golly, there are so many John Brawleyisms I can't even list them. But he is the best father, the best grandfather and loves his family so much. Who could ask for more? He also lets my dog out everyday and swears he has taught her how to sit, shake, bow, and eat a cookie on her nose...we will let him think that too. I do love that man.

I want you all to know Josh ordered the famous $5 pizza from Saylors tonight. It cost $11. Don't ask me how. Mr. Economist (Josh) declared it "worth it."

On Fridays Jim is home a half day and the last two Fridays Andrew brought his girlfriend Kait home for lunch, which Jim makes. It reminds him of when his grandma used to make everyone lunch at the "shop". So today he comes home with groceries and about 12 bottles of Fiji water, the best bottled water around, but also expensive. Josh, Mr. Economist, says "geesh dad, why Fiji water? I thought we were poor" to which Jim says "It's for Kait, I know she likes water and I have never had a girl around much so she deserves it."

Can you imagine what he will be like as a grandfather if we have granddaughters? WOW. But again, that shows what a wonderful guy he is too.
I just have such wonderful men in my life. (said with just a TOUCH of sarcasm)

I don't know. IDK. MBFFRose. Obviously, time to go.

HO HO HO to all of you.



Michelle Asmus said...

I have so enjoyed the Crazy Fil and sweet Jim/Fiji water story tonight. Thank you for the window into your life. It is WAY better than Survivor.
Sorry about the crap at work. That was how last week went for me.
I too was moved by Kristina's message to Jamie.
Hope your Friday goes quickly-

Kelly said...

Hi Molly~
I agree with Jim, Kait does deserve it! She is such a sweetie, as is your husband for thinking like that!
Kristina's post to Jamie was inspiring...(another thing you "Twins" have in common!)
Hope the crap at the high school gets better...High school can really suck is hard to watch our kids go through the tough stuff. Thank God the good outweighs the bad!
Enjoy your weekend Mol~

April Meek said...

Hi- I hope your weekend goes better than the week has treated you!! We are hanging in there. I just want to say that we have the most amazing support system. I truly feel blessed. We have received support from so many people in so many different ways. Our friends held a poker tournament benefit in Troy's honor last weekend. It is truly amazing how caring everyone has been. Thank you does not seem like enough but I want to thank everyone for their support, cards, and prayers. Thank you also to the girls in Niles Service League for the meals. Molly I want to thank you also for sharing your blog with us! I probably should have taken your advise early on and started one for Troy- I guess I thought who would want to read about us-however it is nice to have an outlet.
Ok back to how Troy is doing now. We are in a holding pattern. Troy is healing well from his second surgery(retroperitoneal lymph node dissection). He had his staples removed last week-all 30 of them! His stomach is kinda lumpy and bumpy from the surgery, I am not sure if that will get better- I assume it will. Dr. Foster removed 22 lymph nodes during the surgery. Troy's CT scan 4 weeks prior did not show any cancer, but he had "a couple slightly enlarged lymph nodes". The largest was about 1cm(the size of the end your finger). Troy's pathology report from surgery came back with 3 positive nodes for cancer. The largest lymph node was 4.9cm. That pretty much sucks- in about 4 weeks the cancer went from basically undetecable to 5cm, this concerns me. We go back to IU on the 14th. We are not sure what the future holds at this point. No matter what we are told at IU we will go to a medical oncologist for a second opinion. From the research that I have done we will most likely have the option to watch and wait or do chemo. I know that Troy has to heal from his surgery before they would do chemo, but I am not even sure if he will need it at all. From what I have read if 5 or more nodes would have came back positive or if 1 node would have been over 5cm then it is straight to chemo. Dr. Foster said that there is a 70-75% chance he is cured just from the surgery. We heard this same story after the orchiectomy, so go figure. I keep thinking that we have to get a break sometime. We went to the Dr. within days of Troy's 1st symptom and all of his treatments have been timely. It seems like at some point we have to be one step ahead of the cancer-did I mention that cancer SUCKS!! Dr. Foster said that even if the cancer shows up somewhere else, the outcome is good. Something like a 90-ish% cure rate, it is very responsive to chemo.
Ok enough about us! I enjoyed hearing about your Thanksgiving, we have so much to be thankful for. Thanks again!!
Take care,

Anonymous said...

Molly your blog amuses me, its so true to you and your personality. I hope it is a good vent for you. You should know that before you, I thought I actually was the daughter that John and Ginger never had, atleast thats how they made me feel~wow that was a long time ago....Toad and Jim always seemed like adults to me, we are actually closer in age than it seemed. You belong to an amazing family. Keep your 'spirited' blogs coming. PS The crap at school will pass....Have a blessed Christmas!
Amy Archer