Sunday, December 16, 2007

Surgery done. Mom is primping and ready to go.

My mom had her surgery yesterday. A HUGE had totally wrapped itself around the colon and squeezed it shut. Dr. Wysong said it had probably been there at least 5 years, most likely 10. Had she had a colonoscopy back in the day, it would have been caught. His worry now is that the tumor went through the colon wall so that may mean chemo, as he would be worried about it coming back. He took out lymph nodes but we won't know their status for a week. Dr. Wysong was very serious throughout his explanation, he started by saying the surgery went well, but it was very difficult....once he left my dad and I looked at eachother and said "I thought he was going to tell us she died!" He was so GRAVE...but his words weren't bad so we are praying it is just his personality, which my sister says it is...we laughed about it with my mom, who is the most remarkable patient I have ever seen. She has had three surgerys (hip, knee, colon) in just over a years time and never complains. She says she is in no pain at all today, isn't too worried about the colostomy bag ("oh, it will just lay flat against my skin...all my clothes will cover it up"). She is annoyed that she doesn't have her Christmas shopping done, and is already wondering if she will be able to attend the New year's Eve party at their retirement village.

I am not going up there today because of the weather but hope to stop by after boob pump up on Tuesday--at least just to say hi. I want to send her something unique--like a mini-Christmas tree for her room--but will wait until tomorrow. She should be there a week. Once we get the path report back she heads to the oncologist, a woman my sister is friends with.

We are really at the easy part right now. Chemo scares me and even the doctor said she may opt not to do it. That sort of scares me. He used the word "I didn't realize the tumor had infiltrated the colon wall so that is a bit more worrisome." I hate the word "worrisome" as it is the word Dr. H used when he told me of my cancer. Worry in itself is such a debiliating thing.

Today, my mom is my inspiration. When I spoke with her this morning, she said she had just combed her hair and put on lipstick. Gotta love that!

Thanks for your prayers. Please pray for a manageable path report. My parents are in such a good place in their 75 year old lives that I want them to have more than a few more years of fun and happiness.



April Meek said...

Glad to hear your mom is doing good. We will continue to keep you all in our prayers!! I hope you are doing ok.


Jen said...

There are no words, Miss Molly. I'm still sitting here shaking my head at the thought of you and your family going through all this. Of course you know my thoughts and prayers are with you and will continue to be...the candy will be there for ya this week! :)

Love, love, love,

Kelly said...

Molly, I missed a few days of your blog this week and I feel like I missed a lifetime. You have certainly got a lot on your shoulders. I will add your mother to my (ever growing it seems) prayer list as I continue to pray for your health and strength. Sending love, prayers and Xanax your way...

Kristina said...


I am so overwhelmed with sadness and concern for you. It is unbelievable what you are having to endure. I sat in shock reading your blog about your mother. She sounds like a real trooper, we can see were you got your stamina and wonderful personality from.

I will keep your whole family in my prayers, hoping and praying the New Year ends all this cancer crap for all of us.

Love and prayers,