Sunday, December 30, 2007

We all need a break from this.

Today is a gloomy day.

I am suddenly obsessed with my tumor type and keep reading my pathology report over and over again. How silly is this in the wake of all that is going on in our lives? What I am trying to figure out is if my tumor is an aggressive type of ACC...and based on what I know, it might be... The main type of cell in my tumor is called "cribiform", which is the LEAST aggressive of ACC, so that is good news. But the bad news is that there are areas of "solid" cells, which is the MOST aggressive. Sigh. There are never answers.

Cancer never freaking leaves me alone. No matter how hard I try to shake it, today it is tapping on my shoulder.

Today is a gloomy day.



Anonymous said...

Never feel silly about taking control of your life! The most important thing that you can do for yourself (and those closest to you) is to be in control of your life. The new year is tomorrow- it will be better!
Keep your head up and in the report!!
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Today was a gloomy day and I think we all need the sun to shine. I hope tomorrow is a happier day for you and that 2008 is a healthier year for everyone!

Beth A.

P.S. You can't take the fridge to the dump but there is a place on Walton (between bypass and Buchanan) called Frymans that will take it for recycling.