Thursday, May 29, 2008

School's out for the summer!

Sigh of relief--the year is over and calmness should be restored to school and my household. No more waking the boys up each morning and waking them up again...and again..GET UP!!!!!!!!!! (in my best mother screech!) No more...for a few months anyway. I have two more weeks.

Jim is off helping a little league team in Edwardsburg. He is so good with little kids. He took Andrew and his buddies with him to help. It looks like it may storm so I expect them home soon. Jim wants to go out to eat for dinner...the Cubs are on TV and we don't get the game so that is why. : ) Joshie is announcing at a different little league game.

Just did my monthly googling of new documents or research. Didn't learn anything new. My mom is back on chemo--just half the dosage--she is back eating and her hands are not peeling anymore.

I think both boys did well grade wise..unfortunately, Josh ended up with his first more perfect gpa. Andrew's gpa should actually go up, but when he said "I know I got three right" on his calculus test I'm not so sure....there were 50 questions. Ugh. I am hoping next year's math will go better. Even though he hovered in the B range most of the year, he claims he has no idea what he was doing all year. Next year's teacher is very diligent on "understanding" so I think it will be better. Andrew used the "I don't get it so why try?" crutch too often.

I am watching Friends right now and that show just makes me laugh. Especially Ross.

I've babbled on long enough about nothing. I know I need a haircut so if you see me, just know that I know it. : )

Love to you all-


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Crying in Mudville.

Wow. Long time.

Tonight, there is no joy in Mudville. Vikes lost to Lakeshore in the district game, in extra innings. I am just weepy for the seniors. Andrew has another year left but it still is hurting him to see his friends sad. The Lakeshore coach is one of Andrew's summer coaches and a great guy...I am just glad it was a good game and we did well for the most part. But damn I wanted to beat them!!!

My surgery on pizza pocket is in July. They slice it off. Ugh. My nipple is built from skin that is on my breast area--not Pizza Pocket fat. How is that for a visual?

Graduation was wonderful. Stressful, but wonderful. Two more days that I have to get the kids up. I am finished June 12 and really need a good summer vacation since last year pretty much sucked.

Shade ran away last week and ended up in the pokey--yup, the mean old dog catcher got 'er. She was missing all day and when I finally found out, I said 'maybe she's at the pound?" and sure enough, she was. They were about to close so she had to spend the night. Of course, last night I wanted to send her back because she was all nutso over the storm. I died laughing at Jim trying to get her under the bed. Our bedroom has a wooden floor so it is very slippery so Jim would slide her under, she would crawl out, he would slide her back, she would crawl out, he would slide her back. Our floor no longer needs to be dusted.

Doesn't the weather stink? I truly think I suffer from SAD, but only when it is supposed to be summer-like. I am fine with snowstorms, but this cold weather makes me depressed. I just want sunny skies, a pool, a good book, and a large iced tea with lemon.

Thanks for checking in. I still need each and everyone one of you.


Monday, May 19, 2008

Summer surgery

Short and quick.

Saw Dr. Messinger and he assures me losing Pizza Pocket is an office procedure that just requires a local anesthetic. And, get this, he will sew me up a new nipple using my current skin right there on the table! He drew on me...I will have two more scars, but I am so mutilated now, who cares I guess. I had the surgery scheduled for July 25 but they called back to re-schedule, which I can't remember to do. Nevertheless, surgery will be this summer.

Honor's Reception is done...Baccalaureate is Wednesday, Graduation Thursday. Exams for underclassmen start Friday...and then four more days! How fast of a year it has been.

I have been overwhelmed with things at work, unexpected things that don't allow me to do my regular job. But we are getting there. I get to work at 7:00 and today was the earliest I have left in weeks. We do have a board meeting tonight so work really isn't done yet for the day. Life is still good.

I went to see my mom this weekend and she is now wearing a wig and looks much better than the last time I saw her. Her wig is sort of a sandy brown...a wierd switch for her--all of us have pretty dark hair, with mine being the lightest. Her fingers looked and peeling, but healing better than before. She is dreading her next chemo and has mentioned a few times "people who have just stopped it." I don't think she wants to do it, but not eating and having painful fingers and feet has to be miserable. She has lost 23 pounds. She's a much smaller person than I am--only about 5'6" and much littler all around. She still has her booty (a family trait) and the docs don't want her losing any more weight. She's still tough but manage to go to Panera with us and ate some chicken broth. She manages to get down about 700 calories a day, mainly Ensure. Sister Sue and my daddy take good care of her.

TTFN. Cancer sits but doesn't influence.


Monday, May 12, 2008

Pizza and Thyroid

Pizza Pocket lives on in case you had forgotten. Tuesday I am heading back to Kalamazoo to see Woody to decide if we want to slice Pizza Pocket off or not. A BC sister on the Internet told me it was an out patient procedure but she came home with 2 drains and an incision that went nearly to her back shoulder blade. UGH........that makes me want to say NO. But I will see what dear Woody says. He hasn't done anything too painful to me so I will trust his opinion. By the way, Miss Boobie is doing ok--my incision still itches and there is a rough spot that I itch too much so I have a really red area. But all in all, she's doing her thing, hanging around like a good boobie does.

I also met with Dr. T this week to go over additional bloodwork. All is fine there. He does want me to see a colon doctor (that is easier to spell than gastroendommmmmmblahblahblah) just to see what I should do about early screening. So I do that June 5th. I do not know the results of my thyroid test. I am hoping they say "WOW! No wonder you are fat!!!" and tell me my thyroid is really out of is out of whack, but I think the meds are working just fine, unfortunately. : )

Seniors are almost done. Andrew will be lost without his senior buddies. I used to make fun of my friends who are all weepy about their senior kids but I am right there with them now, thinking about senior pictures, graduation, etc. I do think this summer we need Andrew to really commit to where he wants to visit. He has no interest in going out of state as of now.

TTFN. Jim made wonderful steaks. It's 9:12 and I am about to eat half a cow.

"WOW! No wonder I'm fat."



Saturday, May 10, 2008

Fist fights in the office

I'm sure no one is reading anymore--don't blame ya one bit. I honestly haven't had time to even think about blogging, but here I am, saying hello: HELLO

Nothing really exciting or new right now. My mom has hit the chemo wall as they say, and now has every crappy side effect she could have. Her lips are so cracked and peeling--she can hardly eat--and the nausea has started. Her hands are a mess too--cracked and splitting, along with a little neuropathy (tingling). They've totally taken her off one drug, and are lowering the dosage of the other. She has lost 20 pounds and is sustaining her current weight with Ensure.

Tomorrow is Mother's Day and I am feeling very guilty about not going to see her, but Jim got Cubs' tickets and we really need to spend time together as a family. With his helping with baseball, and my schedule, we are seeing more of each other driving by than at home. Andrew's team lost again today, so Jim is in a funk...Josh's team hardly ever wins so no funk going on there! Jim feels bad for missing Josh's games, and Josh LOVES to make him feel guilty...Andrew is bumming because he isn't playing at all defensively (but is the DH) so people are just a bit grouchy around here! We are going to have DQ tonight so at least I will be happy. : )

Let's see. I lost my debit card. PANIC city for me. I think I left it in one of the machines that keeps bank's machine is just a swiper so when I went to the keeper one, I just drove off. I have already ordered another one, but since Jim and I never have cash I thought I would starve or something. : ) We got gas last night in Coldwater, MI and the pump stopped at $100 for the Yukon. Then I got gas today in my tiny Malibu and it was $50. Arggggghhhhhhh.

The seniors are done on Wednesday. Amazing. This year has to be the fastest year ever. 'course I spent much of it at doctor's appointments.

Yesterday, our Student Council sponsored a Pancake Breakfast for Relay for Life. They made $500. The kids loved it--missing seminar to eat! While this was going on, my two polite young children were in my office asking for money and actually got in a fist fight while I was getting it for them. I bet that has not happened in too many principals' offices anywhere in the world. What was worse was I was on the phone with a parent--luckily, she is a friend of mine and laughed it off but I about suspended both of them. I called Jim at work and told him I should get extra duty mother pay for having to be with them 24-7. He at least gets to go to work to avoid them for a few hours. : )

MMMMM. Time to run. Cancer is about 5th on the "topics on my brain" list.

That's a good thing.

Mother and Dog Owner of the Year