Sunday, April 27, 2008

Long hours.

Hi all--I am a neglectful blogger. So busy this week--worked 11-12 hour days last week on a new scheduling program. The trainer was here from Colorado so I needed to make the most of having her here. The middle school also had training but their schedule is so much simpler than the high school's so luckily they didn't need the trainer as much as I did. The program is actually very user friendly but doesn't solve the problem schedule that we offer. No one cares now but when Joe Schmoe can't get Calculus because he has AP Biology--well, it makes parents mad. But, truth be told, figuring out the schedule is like solving a complicated puzzle and can be fun and challenging. (I know you are thinking well, don't offer AP Biology the same time as Calculus, but when I move AP Bio it conflicts with Band...see the problem?)

This week we will be starting teacher interviews...we are looking for a math/science teacher combo. Any future teachers out there? Math and science is where to head...

Not much else to report. Jim took Dan Holland and Andrew to the Notre Dame baseball game. Josh and I are hanging out. I paid bills today and was able to actually pay some EARLY. Jim will be proud. : )

Just in case you were concerned about my relationship with my dog based on the our latest round of storms...I finally convinced her to get under the bed. Jim had to deal with her for awhile--talk about no patience!!!!...but once Jim falls asleep, he is I was left with her trying to crawl inside me with the ol' paw scratching the heck out of my face and her hot, stinky breath all over me. So I went to the window and stood there and lo and behold, Shade followed me, couldn't stand the noise, so she got under the bed. I think she stayed there the rest of the night.

On a good note, I have removed myself from the Breast Cancer listserv email group that I joined right after DX. I couldn't keep up with the number of emails. Why is this good? Because I am not so focused on cancer. Have had some wierd dreams about my mom, though. She is doing ok, but her skin is troublesome right now from a certain drug. So they have stopped it for the time being. I need to go see her soon. They are still very busy with their retirement activities so that is good.

Life seems normal.


Friday, April 18, 2008

Earthquakes and Prom 2008

Just real quick--it is midnite--I am waiting for Andrew to get home from his prom...he is spending the night with his baseball team at the coach's house and he needs directions. You would think with the coach being his uncle (well, actually his cousin but the age thing confuses all the kids) he would know how to get there. He's been there numerous times but is directionally challenge.

Andrew is definitely a Brawley. Would much rather have been in a baseball uniform and when he got to prom he asked if it would be ok if Kait drove my car home. He HATES to drive. Poor Kait, she does not know how typical this is for a Brawley...well, at least my husband!

All the kids were gorgeous, the colors vibrant and amazing. So many different types of dresses...tuxes were pretty standard. I went to dinner with my pals Betty and Robert. When Andrew said he wouldn't dance until I left, that was my cue. I think I drive him nuts but the feeling is mutual.

On a different note, the earthquake this morning was felt by my husband who was just leaving for work. He called me after he got to work when he heard it was an earthquake. GET THIS--when he felt the quake he thought it must have been me, JUMPING ON OUR BED!!!! How many 45 year olds do you know who jump on their bed at 5:40 in the morning?????

Silly Nimmy.

Love to you all--


Sunday, April 13, 2008

A shady relationship is hitting the rocks!

My dog and I are experiencing some relationship issues. She is driving me insane. First of all, we had to drug her earlier this week because of storms. You know how I used to feel bad about that? Well, I am about ready to do it ALL THE TIME. (not really, you PETA fans out there!) The real issue is at night--she gets me up every two hours. What she does is she hits our closet doorknob with her nose and then sits and looks in this antique full length mirror. She can see me in bed that way--she won't come on the bed--but just sits and whines as she looks in the mirror. If I don't get up, she keeps hitting the doorknob with her snout.

This morning she was sound asleep when Jim got up to go hit with Andrew. I told him to take her out and give her a treat, so she would leave me alone. She refused to budge. Jim leaves about 20 minutes later and lo and behold, Shade is nudging that damn doorknob. I am a poster parent for HOW TO LET YOUR DOG CONTROL YOU.

Ok, if I am honest, the reason she is doing this is because we are not home until 7-8 at night and she is bored out of her skull. But dang, I am losing sleep like a newborn's mother. I am sure she sleeps all day when we are gone, and with baseball, we just aren't home. This coming week will be just as bad--we have something every night except Monday. So that is my sad tale about the dog I love so much.

Speaking of baseball, the Varsity Vikes are doing pretty well--I think we are 4-1. Andrew watches the weather report every day like its his job--he loves the game so much and can't stand when anything is cancelled. Thank goodness we had nothing scheduled this weekend. Josh is quite disappointed--his team has only been able to practice on a baseball field three times and any scheduled game he has had has been cancelled. He is convinced they will "stink" so I hope they can get a game or at least some solid practrices under their belts SOON.

The weather looks like it might be better for next week--Prom day looks rainy but that is a week off as it is. I have to call my dear friend Betty to see if she is still my date. We have been prom dates for at least 7 years in a row. I won't let her off the hook yet. ; )

It is snowing right now. My lovely black lab is sound asleep on the big comfy couch--Josh is still in bed. Jim and Andrew are the worker bees--they've been gone to Dowagiac to hit since 8:00 this morning. I am still in my jammies but did start some laundry. Dinner today at John and Ginger's at 12:30. I wonder what we are having? I bet a fish fry since they had some left over fish from the Brian Parker Foundation fish fry. They made over $2000 but since they had to bread the fish early to be ready, there was some left over. Fried blue gill are great, but I am just not in the mood. I love Ginger's soups so maybe she will have a big pot of her famous Potato Soup in addition to the fish.

Much to do today. Yesterday was a big comfy couch day, reading and watching the Masters. I love to do that. I told Jim the course at the Masters would be a wonderful campground. He looked at me like I said something against God himself and that I was headed straight to hell.

Much love to you all.

Molly Elizabeth Brawley, Dog Owner Extraordinaire

Friday, April 4, 2008

Uneventful day--isn't that nice?

Spring Break is officially over--just in time for the sun to come out tomorrow! Woohoo...high of 62. The Vikings have their first game (finally) starting at 10 a.m. in South Bend. I guess Andrew is playing first base, which is strange but he can pretty much play anywhere in the infield so whatever is best for the team. Josh doesn't play for awhile.

I have become addicted to McDonald's Sweet Tea. I grew up drinking regular ice tea--my mom always made sun tea--and my neighbor across the street Felicia (I called her Fi, short for FiFi) always had sweet tea that her mom made and it was the BEST. So Mickey D's tea reminds me of that. Yummy.

I have not done much constructive today except laundry. The house is picked up (notice I didn't say clean) but since Andrew cleaned out the bottom of his closet the laundry will never end. Normally, I clean closets on Spring Break but never did.

Did I tell you I love my purse?

Andrew and Kait got his tux. It is black with turquoise tie, etc...It's a regular tie. I asked Andrew if the turquoise matched Kait's dress and he said "she said it did, so yeh, I guess." I asked him where they were going to dinner and he said "Kait knows." I asked him who they were going with and he said "uh...Kait knows." Poor Kait. What a nub he is. He IS very excited and asked me a few questions about prom in general but he sure isn't into details.

After practice today many of the team went to shave their heads. They had mentioned mohawks so I reminded Andrew of prom...I sure hope he comes home with some hair.

Spaghetti for dinner tonight.

Life is good.


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Let me tell you about my purse.

Interesting day today. I went to Kalamazoo to sit with my mom during her all day chemo session. I am so glad I did as it opens my eyes to other aspects of this terrible disease that I have been lucky to avoid. The place was WAAAAY too said it was actually pretty empty compared to other Wednesdays. Maybe everyone is on Spring Break? There were some pretty amazing people there...fighting the good fight. A couple women there with no hair--such a telltale sign of breast cancer. One lady near my mom has been coming to the Cancer center since 1999...she was about 50. Wow.

My mom looks good, albeit her hair has gotten so gray! She used to dye it and since cancer decided what the hell...she hates it but since it IS thinning a little bit she doesn't want to harm it any more by putting chemicals on it. She looked little to me...she says she has lost 10 pounds but only right after surgery--she has lost no weight on chemo but sure looked tiny. I think she is doing fine, but not as well as she portrays. Bless her for that tho'--she doesn't want me to worry down here so tells me everything is fine. My dad takes such good care of her. They both enjoyed their Subway subs for lunch--mom could only eat 1/4 of hers but had eaten lots of cookies that the "coffee cart" had brought around. There was also a woman there who gave massages...even to visitors. It was actually a very nice place but one that no one wants to visit!

The car ride was filled with singing and open windows. Just me and my XM radio listening to the Pina Colada song. I had forgetten the story of that song...I think back in the day I never listened to lyrics, just sang. It's a silly song but fun.

Let me tell you about my purse. I am making a big deal out of it because it is something I have wanted for years. My friends Marcia and Betty will understand...I bought my first Vera Bradley purse! Now, mind you, some people think these purses are for old ladies and don't understand the attraction for this cloth thing...but I have wanted one for a long time, so if they are for old ladies, well, then I am an old lady and happy to be one! I also splurged and got a wallet in the same pattern. This was my 6 month NED (no evidence of disease)purchase. (One woman I know goes on a great vacation every year she is NED. We love NED.) So, what I like about the purse besides its bright and sunny pattern is that I can actually see in more dark leather that was vinyl anyway. : )

Did you notice my little quiz in the upper right hand corner of the blog site? It's something new that the blog site is offering so I thought I would try it out. Answer if you know...and even if you don't. I will tell the answer in a few days. Also, by now you have noticed I changed the blog template again. I was getting tired of it. Someone needs to design some other templates I think. : )

That is all for now. Such a wonderful day. Appreciate your good health each and every day!


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Perfectly normal!

Mary from Dr. Ansari's office just called and said:

Dr. Ansari got your report and your CT scan is "perfectly normal". She then said that for sure it is "just an old granuloma" is NOT cancer.

I am shaking as I type this. Now I have things to do to enjoy the rest of my Spring Break!

I think I will go shopping.

Thanks to all of you who have listened, and I know will continue to listen to me. This journey is far from over but I think making it 6 months is worthy of a celebration--like spending money.

Hugs to all of you!!!!!

Kristina, special thanks to you. You know why, my sister.


Still waiting....

Of course no one called. So I just called and got put through to the triage nurse voice mail--left my message and now get to wait for someone to call me back. GAWD! There should be some law against this. This takes me back to waiting for Dr. H to call after that loooooonnnng weekend and he never called either. So unless you want to hear me whine and worry, I wouldn't read any further.

I thought I would sleep good last night but the dog and Jim had other ideas. Jim is in this crazed sleep mode--as in "I attack my wife in my sleep" mode. He doesn't really attack me but turns over and comes towards my side of the bed really quickly with his arms flailing. Scares me awake each and every time. He is sound asleep through the whole thing--plus he has that big ol' breathing thing going on that could wake someone in Montana. And Shade was a bit out of sorts last night from the storm so she too woke me up...laid right next to my head and panted and kept offering the paw. So of course when I wake up I get to thinking and I kept thinking that the radiologist who read the initial chest x-ray should have had access to the PET/CT that Memorial ran--it wasn't the same site, but the same network. So if he HAD the access, did he denote THIS nodule as something different? And did Dr. Ansari tell me the whole truth and nothing else? I have a tendency to make things up when I don't know the whole story... And then the worrying starts...

I am just awful at this.

And then I try to tell myself the good things:

1) I KNEW something would show up because it always does.
2) Dr. Ansari said 95 percent sure it was the same nodule.
3) Dr. Ansari did not mention any thing else showing up and at least in my mind there should have been two things mentioned if there was something new.
4) He told me to make an appointment for 6 months.
5)uh...that's all I can think of right now.

And I guess what I have to believe is this: It is what it is.

I shall return, of course. If someone EVER calls me back!