Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My hip hurts.

Am I one of those annoying people who make you look at photos all the time? Sorry, but I love to look at these to remind me of what a great time we had. It just shows you you can have a good time ANYWHERE, ANY TIME.

Hmmm....Dr. M measured me yesterday, which means he took his little tape measure and measured from top of Mr. Ski Slope over to Mr. Pizza Pocket. I don't know why he did it exactly, but I did have to laugh a bit when he held Mr. Pizza Pocket with his finger tips--I think it sort of freaks him out too. After my appointment (I got 60 ccs with NO pain so that is good) he was looking at a catalog of breast implants. So maybe we are getting there. I think I am at 670 cc's total--I thought I was further but he said no. Oh well.

Made Pam feel Rock Boob while we were in the UP. Pam has seen every part of my body, not to mention some internal "crap" (sssh...MIMI!!!!!) I don't share with just anyone (She was with me for the birth of my kids) so feeling Rock Boob was a walk in the park for her. I like people to feel it because they feel sorry for me--and it is hard to believe that this thing is really inside me. It is now way bigger than a softball and harder too.

My latest worry is whether I should have had a bone scan or not. Most BC survivors seem to have them routinely and I did not have one and in emailing with others, they all say it is basically standard now. Other than my hip that has been hurting for probably 10 years, my bones seem fine. But that hip is pretty sore. I have mentioned it over the years to my doctors but I think all of them attribute it to how slim I am. (that's a JOKE, geesh) Anyway...that is the worry of the week right now. Plus, still a nagging cough but my whole family has that so I guess that is all it is.

Andrew turns 17 Tuesday. Holy crap, that is like old. It's nice in a way, as the older my kids get the more relieved I feel that I am getting them speaking with another cancer survivor she too admitted the little nagging doubts about how long we have, will this be our last Christmas, that type of thing. It never really leaves your mind.

Little Ava Christine weighs 8 pounds now! And her voice is there, and she is cooing, smiling, etc. Friday is the echo which will determine if she needs immediate surgery. Lots of good milestones but still so many worries.

John and Ginger should be home this weekend. Then we start the what seems like million Christmases we have. Such a fun time but certainly not a time to go on a diet.

And yes, I still have not done much shopping. EEEKKKK.

Love to you all--hope you like the pictures. It's not the Taj Mahal but it sure is paradise.



Michelle Asmus said...

Thanks for more pictures to feed my addiction. And, yes, Talon is a doll. I remember thinking that when I saw him at Crazy Mil's this summer.
How did Pam get the nickname Mimi? Just curious b/c it was a nickname of mine when I was little, but it was because someone (maybe me) couldn't say "Michelle". I am thinking that is not how Pam got the nickname:)

Vikki said...

Hi Molly,
Sounds like you had a really great time. A place like that with your family is the best memories ever. The first vacation we went on after my diagnosis was in Aspen, Co. The whole time there I kept saying in my mind is this my last vacation. Is this my last 4th of July, is this my last of everything. It is so normal, but at the time it really made me sad. You are suppose to go on vacation and know that everything is ok. Once again my dear I must say that time is your friend. You will get beyond this and won't think about it. I promise that to you. It is too new of a wound for now. With the holiday's here you remember the past and so want the future. You will once again be able to enjoy both. I swear their is not one thing you are saying that I didn't think also. It has been 16 years. I just had another mammo and must admit I cry everytime they tell me everything is fine. I wasn't going to cry this year, but then it happened again. My thoughts are always with you and just keep on blogging. It really helps and I love looking at life through your eyes.


Mimi said...

Molly -- I'll take the question from Michelle. . .

Hi Michelle. My older sister (Angie Cramer) couldn't say "Pammy" when we were little (you were right it is from childhood!) so I became Mimi. Incidentally, I couldn't say "Sissy" so Angie became "Susu". Our youngest sister, Carla, came along and she became Lala.

Although I never went by Mimi after Angie could say Pammy, but when my nephew, Grant Cramer, was starting to talk, I wanted him to say Aunt Pam in the worst way. He wouldn't do it, so I said, "Say 'Mimi'". He did, and it stuck. Now all of my nieces and nephews (and a good number of their friends) all call me Mimi. And Molly calls me Mimi, too. Crazy Mil calls me "Meem".

That's the story.

Ok, Molly, back to you. There must be something terribly wrong with your camera. It made me look ENORMOUS in your pictures. Everyone, please picture me 20 pounds lighter than the pictures make me look.



Anonymous said...

Hi Molly- I love looking at your pictures!! My family is all coughing right now too. Of course it started with Troy and I was sure he had lung mets. I know exactly what you mean, every problem must in some way be related to cancer. I actually went to the Dr. myself certain that there was something wrong with my lymph nodes-he probably thinks I am crazy. I am sure before this is done I will be crazy. I'm sure as we go through this journey the cancer voice will go from an overwhelming YELL, to a quiet whisper-I imagine that it will always be there just not consuming every moment, every thought.


Betty said...

Mol, Enjoyed the pics. Surrounded by family and food - nothing could bring that warm feeling better! Glad you had a good time.

Andrew's 17 - amazing. Remember that you were told you'll reach 102someday. The way I figure it, Andrew will then be 75. Hold that picture:)

Love, Liz

Michelle Asmus said...

Thank you for explaining :)