Saturday, November 17, 2007

Ava, Blammo, and my own little Soldier Boy

It is so good to hear from some of you that you are still reading. It is much appreciated.

Just so you know, Hunting Widow of the Year got sloppy joes for dinner last night but is hoping to go out tonight.

Ava Christine is on my mind these days. Heath says that she is smiling all the time now. Can you imagine how sweet that is??? She is so damn cute with her crazy hair, and then to add smiles to that face. Remarkable. I am also glad that the Jamies are having a chance to experience the rewarding part of parenting that has been postponed...I just keep thinking about seeing my own children smile when they were little and how it just makes everyone around smile. It also tells me that despite Ava's condition she is well aware of the love around her and knows perfectly well who rules the roost already. Poor Heather/Billy couldn't go to U of M this weekend because of rotten colds, but I believe the whole clan will descend on U of M for Turkey Day. Which reminds me, don't forget to support the Ronald McDonald houses...I know it has been a great help to Jamie and Jamie.

I swear my dryer runs non stop on weekends. Does laundry even end?

I am now reading a book called The Eyre Affair and it is one unusual book for me to read. I can't really describe it except to say it is about a woman named Thursday Next and she is a member of Special Ops--27, which is a group of FBI type agents that try to solve crimes. It involves time travel and is so unlike anything I have ever really enjoyed and I am VERY intrigued with it, although I've barely started it. Jim's buddy, Andy Hodgman, sent it to me and he says it is a great series. I love to find new books! I will keep you posted.

Tour guide Ginger is making some changes for our sleeping arrangements in the UP. Uh-oh, I hope there are no issues, but as it stands now, Jim and I are being moved to the old house, and all the "single" boys are sleeping Walton style in the basement. My only request is that I slept in one of the downstairs bedrooms of the old house--which is no problem. Not sure why Ginger wants to do this, but it is ok by me. Jim figures she doesn't want us women to have to have to walk around in our pajamas in front of the boys...oh, who knows with Crazy Mil! : ) John B. says Ginger has now gone and bought a second 20 pound turkey and goes to the store two times a day. (so do I when I am up there) Another thing I do up there that everyone likes to laugh at is I buy all the trashy/gossipy type magazines like National Enquirer, The Globe, OK!, etc. They all laugh at me but EVERYONE reads it so there! It is just another way to escape reality.

If any of you or your children have a Nintendo DS I highly recommend getting one of the Brain Age games that you may have seen on TV. They are addicting. Not sure what made me think of that but we will be taking ours up North. We have very competitive rivalries in our household alone......

Tuesday is Fill up Day. It was nice not having muscle spasms for a week. I am somewhat concerned about the pain on the way to the UP. I think I may ask Dr. M for something for it--I keep taking my leftover pain meds from the surgery and I would guess a muscle relaxer might be better. Poor Jim, just another excuse for me NOT to drive. (trust me, I have done my fair share of driving to and from the UP)

Oh my gosh! I have been meaning to get some more info on my blog but I want you all to save the date of January 4 on your calendars! The Niles High it Boosters of Project Graduation?....crap, I don't know...but anyway, they are having a big old dance for us oldies (ie. NOT our kids) The dance will feature Blammo, which I hear is a great band....this will be at the St. Mary's Gym...that is all I know off the top of my head but I WILL get more info. So, let's all plan to go, don't you think? No matter what the cause is, I am sure it will be fun. And maybe I will even have a drink!

Next time I write I am going to tell some funny stories about our travels to and from the UP. And I may even tell Pam's cranberry story.

Josh keeps running by me singing "OOH, Soulja boy, Superman," whatever whatever that crazy song is.... I call him my little Billy Elliot.

TTFN. And did you check your mammary glands last night?



Mimi said...


How funny! I just told my cranberry story at work the other day. I was the only that laughed!

Hey, one of my favorite "Molly driving" stories is the one where you almost didn't stop for the toll booth! "Molly! MOLLY! MOLLY!!!"

Remember the time we had all the dead deer on the roof of the suburban and because it started to rain, the roof started to cave in!

Oh, my . . . there are a million stories!

We plan on going to the Project Graduation dance, too. Angie told us about it, so count on us to be there!

Oh, I wanted to tell you, Fred Cramer (Alan's dad) has skin cancer on his nose. Please add his link to the chain of prayer that you send up daily. (THIS IS FOR EVERYONE, NOT JUST MOLLY!!) Thanks!

Three days (or four, depending) until the UP!


sheryl said...

Hey Molly, I usually catch up on your blog on the weekend. I see you all week.
Find the Mrs. Fields cookie recipe. It has blended oatmeal in it. They are great.
Have a nice turkey day and enjoy the quality time with your family up in the UP. You will always be AMAZING to me even if I don't tell you everyday.