Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Pam just called and she and her clan are already on their way to the UP. She said she almost felt guilty going up before me...it's ok, but I am jealous that they will be waking up tomorrow to Ginger's humongous breakfast and I will be fighting with my kids to GET UP, GET GOING, etc. Then work. Nah, it really is ok. I am still packing anyway. The plan, for those of you who care, is to leave as soon as Andrew is done with practice. Jeff/Sam are riding with Matt and his girlfriend Brooke, and Danny; Pooh is riding with Zack and Zoe; and the four of us plus Dan Holland and Shade. So three cars. Everyone else is already there. We hope to caravan it but usually lose someone going around Chicago. My goal is to be there by midnight.

Boob fill was easy today but Dr. M was um..Woodyish today. He just isn't all the supportive. When I asked for something just in case my spasms were bad tomorrow he said "well just take some Ibuprofen." Spoken like someone who doesn't have a softball sized rock under a tight piece of muscle. Luckily, I am in no pain yet, so that is a good sign anyway. He did mention that he is going to start looking for the right implant for me. Before, he only mentioned saline but today he said it might be gel---supposedly the gel are more natural feeling. He did say that soon the right side will stick out way further than the left...so I may have to move Ms. Filler over to the good side! Pizza Pocket is still hanging around. I will check him out tonight to see if any saline is getting in there as required.

Ginger has informed us all that we will all have a role in preparing Thanksgiving dinner this year. (ssshh...what that means is that the GUYS will actually have to help) She has listed all the chores/foods/etc on slips of paper and we will draw our task. I told her SHE has to do the turkey as Josh being in charge of the bird ain't gonna cut it. She agreed. I always do the green bean casserole and she has already figured we need 8-10 cans of green beans to feed everybody. However, since I may not draw that, I do have to be prepared for something else. We laughed at the thought of Jeff Brawley getting scalloped corn. (I hope he does get it as I don't eat it so if he ruins it, ah well) I am not sure anyon eats the scalloped corn anyway.

Jimmy turns 40 tomorrow! Happy Birthday Nimmy! God love him. He stayed home tonight and has been packing, getting all the hunting clothes sealed tightly in containers so no smells get to them, getting boots for all of us, hunting socks, etc. I just have to pack my own stuff so it is quite easy. I actually take more books than clothes.

I won't be back until after Sunday, so I want to wish all of you a special and thankful Thanksgiving. You know how thankful I am this year...and i hope that you too are appreciating all that you have, not worrying about what you don't have, and just ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY.

Life is good.



Michelle Asmus said...

Is scalloped corn the same as corn casserole (corn, butter, Jiffy corn mix, sour cream...)? If it is, you are crazy for not eating THAT!! That is an Asmus family staple.

Safe travels to you. I know that you will embrace everything about your trip this year.

Anonymous said...

Please pass a HAPPY BIRTHDAY on to Jim tomorrow! What a great way to spend his 40th birthday! You'd better hope that Chris doesn't get anything that has to do with food (except the disposal of it)!! He is really good at cleaning up...I'll leave it at that! Once again, please give them a hug from me...I do miss my guys! Have fun and enjoy your time!

Meg Comerford said...

Happy Birthday to Jim and Happy Thanksgiving to the entire Brawley Clan!

Kristina said...


Happy Happy Birthday to Jimmy!! My husband will be turning 35 on Friday the 23rd. Interesting coincidence, that our husbands birthdays are only a couple days apart. When is your birthday Molly? Mine is July 18th. Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving to everybody. Enjoy UP, it sounds like a blast. Cant wait to hear all the stories. I love reading your blog, it feels so good to be connected to you all. I am very thankful this year, we are having a nice fairly calm Thanksgiving in our new home with our immediate family and some friends. My oldest Kayla goes with my ex to her Nana's house were they have a big do, she is very excited and loves going. I am very happy for her that she gets to see all her cousins and family on that side, I miss having her around but I am grateful that she has so many people to love her. One can never have enough love. It will be nice to have a four day weekend to get some more stuff done around the house. We are slowly settling in, starting to feel like home. Last night I put up a bunch of pictures, that really helped to make it more homey.

Anyway, Happy Turkey Day to all. I am grateful for my cancer today because it led me to you, Molly. You are part of the many blessings that came along that lit up this dark sad journey called cancer.