Thursday, November 8, 2007

Finger burns and getting real with Sheryl

I am waiting for a pot of water to boil. I am making my mom's tuna fish casserole, which only Jim and I really eat--Andrew will dabble--Josh is getting my mom's famous baked chicken (chicken breasts sprinkled with Lawrey's salt, garlic, italian seasonings--baked) ok, enough Amish cook talk. *by the way, Betty asked for my butter cake recipe so I thought I would post it at the end of this blog.

Wow, what a busy busy weekend/week. First things first. My appointment for fill up was Monday, and after 50 cc's hurt me the week before, we decided to go slow...10...20...20...40...50...uh, we better stop. So I ended with 50 and did fine the rest of the week. No moaning and groaning. Dr. M did examine me sitting up...checked out both boobs for symmetry and lift. We aren't even close yet. He wants to " go the maxium" which I am estimating at 1000cc's based on what I have learned from an internet bc friend. Perky boob isn't as perky as it was, much to my disappointment, and Pizza Pocket, from what my internet friends say (they are called dog ears by veterans) won't necessarily go away either. Gulug. Too bad--cuz he is ugly. Anyway, my doc says we have a way to go. No appointment next week as doc is bicyling in Italy (on my dime I am sure!)

Pot is almost done boiling in case you were wondering. Josh is sound asleep on the couch, as is Shade. Jim and Andrew are hunting. I am Suzy Homemaker.

Even though I haven't been writing my blog, I have been THINKING about writing my blog. (when I was in college I wrote all my English papers while in bed...I would lay there, my hands folded on my chest, eyes shut, writing the intro, thesis, etc. My roomates hated it because I looked like I was in a coffin) mind is always running and rarely rests but one thing that I want to do today is write about someone who is just a really neat person. I know lots of really neat people and will probably do this more often, but today let's talk about Sheryl McKeel. If you know Sheryl, you probably know why I think she is a really neat person. To me, Sheryl is so REAL...she doesn't pretend to be anything she isn't...she says what is on her mind but knows when to shut up (except maybe at staff meetings)...she really really works her butt off to teach kids get them to come to school, she even calls them to make sure they are out of bed. She opens her home each Sunday for tutoring, but isn't afraid to be coloring her hair when there are kids over. When I first was diagnosed, she always told me I was amazing...and I actually believed it! She is just REAL. She is a great mom but makes fun of herself that she spends a lot of time in drive thrus...she admits when she is grouchy or on a rampage...she chews with her mouth full but leaves cool baskets of wonderful toiletries for her Young Americans...she thinks to go get markers for the kids to use to get their t-shirts get the drift! (No Sheryl, you are not my freebie! I just think you are cool.)

I have now made the tuna fish casserole and have burned my right hand ring finger right on the tip......ow.

The report from the UP is a foot of snow last night. Makes me want to be there even more. I am a snow freak...well, actually, a snow day freak. So snow is a must. Rick's forecast at 5/6 and 11 says only 71.2 inches this year, well below normal. Unhappy face here.

Now I am just getting stupid so perhaps I should go see if the baked chicken is burning. Love to you all...and look, very little cancer talk.

Oh, my recipe for my yummy butter cake: OPEN THE BOX and read DIRECTIONS on BACK.



Meg Comerford said...

Molly I love the recipe! Those kinds are my favorites. Have a great time in the UP and maybe I will run into you this weekend, Brian and I are coming into town tomorrow evening for the game on Saturday.

kristina said...

Doesnt if feel good to be living a life that isnt all about cancer!!! I sooo understand the joy of just being and living without every minute being consumed by "my cancer". We are in our new house and it is exhausting and overwhelming at times but, very exciting and it feels good to be starting something new. To live someplace where the memories are yet to come and I can see so many good times ahead. This year started out so awful and I am so excited for the holidays and what is ahead now. I never thought that optimism and positive outlook would return but I feel it kicking up now and then. The new house has really helped, we have a beautiful, big, new kitchen which I am so excited to have holidays in. I LOVE this time of year, starting with Halloween all through the New Year. Your kitchen must smell so yummy!! Makes me want to bake. Molly you sound so good, your Thanksgiving sounds wonderful. Wish I could come, eat some of that delicious food for me. By the way where is UP? Just wondering down here in New Jersey?!

Much love and continued good health and healing,