Friday, November 16, 2007

Molly Brawley: Hunting Widow of the Year

Finally, the weekend is here. Nothing special planned but I may THINK about going shopping.

If any of you read my blog yesterday I mentioned the Oprah show about hoarders. Pam, my sister in law, was actually at that show. No, she is not a hoarder but IS an expert at getting tickets to the Oprah show. I think this is her second time and she always has an interesting story to tell about Oprah. One thing that she said was funny was that Oprah came out and was commenting on how short her pants were...Oprah said the audience probably couldn't believe that somebody with her kind of money had to wear these short ol' pants. (Kim Knoll, if Oprah can do it so can you!) Pam also mentioned that Oprah seemed somewhat subdued compared to the other time she went to the show--Pam thinks it is because of the trouble for which her school in Africa is under scrutiny. Ok, that is my celebrity report of the night.

Andrew got the all clear from the coach to go to the UP--thank goodness. I will tell you I am somewhat annoyed with my soon to be 17 year old these he told the sub for his calculus teacher that he needed to go see me in the office. And guess where he went? To the gym to play dodgeball. For 40 minutes!!!! Granted, he was done with his three problems, but why can't I have a kid who wants to get ahead and practice more math problems, or do homework for English, whatever? No, I get the dodgeball freak. I sure hope Mr. Cybulskis does not read this blog as I am sure he will be none too happy to learn that Mr. B minus/C plus (Andrew) thinks dodgeball is more important than pre-calc.

Everyone at work is suffering from chills, sniffles, coughs, etc. I of course am focused on this cough I have (aka lung cancer in pyschochondria language). Speaking of cancer, (what??? me?? never!!!!) Marcia called and reported that Troy's surgery went without complication. There were two enlarged lymph nodes which I am sure are worrisome--they won't have results for a week or so--but Troy might be able to come home as soon as Sunday, which is early from what I hear. April, if you have a chance to post, let us know how you all are doing. I am not sure if you have access to a computer, but I thought about you guys all day and am glad this part is done for you.

No one has shot a deer in our family as far as I know. Today I am starting to get annoyed with my husband being gone so much. Well, not really, but I sure could be if I wanted to be. Since October 1, other than maybe a handful of times, he has hunted EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. And, every single weekend morning. Wow. I am a good wife and deserve dinner, diamonds, and a vacation to somewhere warm for spring break. Too bad Jim never reads my blog to get the hints. You know, skip the diamonds--food and a warm spring break are good enough : )

Would I really bore you with telling you AGAIN that I can't wait for the UP? You would think it was the damned Taj Mahal or something, but it isn't even close. Granted, we have all the comforts of home, like Direct TV, HEAT, a good shower, phone, microwave, etc. but our sleeping arrangements are rather Waltonesque in that most of us who stay at the smaller but newer house sleep in the basement, which is really one large room with 6 double beds, four twin beds and two couches. We lay in bed with everyone and their neighbor nearby, plus the washer and dryer. The mattresses are gawd awful and sag in the middle but we all sleep together, happy as the old family in Willy Wonka. In the other house, which really is our favorite because it is large and really old, there are 5 bedrooms, a large dining room, the best shower in all of Michigan (just a good spray--it sure ain't fancy or nuttin'), a big living area, a screened porch, and a scary basement that Matt Brawley will never ever venture into. There is no phone, but somehow those Yoopers were smart enough to hook together the one in the smaller house to the bigger house so with the push of a button you can get phone calls. Also, the older house has a normal oven--Ginger has to cook the turkey, all 24 pounds of it, in that oven because the one at her house is sort of small--well, really small. This year, I think everyone except Dan/Aida and kids, and my immediate family, plus John, Ginger, Al, and Shade, will stay in the old house. (Al is John and Ginger's black lab) The old house is separated from the new house by about 50 yards or so--you should see us trek back and forth in snow drifts three feet tall. I still remember Shade's first Thanksgiving up there--the snow was higher than she was and she had a blast.

Josh and I were making chocolate chip cookies the other night--correction--we "opened a package and placed shaped cookie dough on a pan and baked them" the other night--when I mentioned the old fashioned kind of way of making chocolate chip coookies, and how even though it was much more time consuming, it was fun. Josh sort of squinted, like he was digging deep into his memory, and he got this big ol' smile on his face and said "I REMEMBER DOING THAT! Can we do it again sometime?" How pathetic am I as a mother? So, I promised him we would make the old fashioned kind of chocolate chip cookies while we are in the UP.

Tell me to shut up about the UP any time.

Alright, I supposed I either have to think about dinner or maybe think about where I should make Jim take me tonight, since I proclaimed myself Hunting Widow of the Year. Andrew is off with Kait tonight, and since Josh came home sick from school he is walking around with a blanket wrapped around him, bored. If I mention dinner out, he will have a miraculous recovery.

By the way, is anyone out there reading this anymore? Say hello if you have a chance. Oh, I get it. You are tired of hearing about the UP, aren't you? I promise never to mention it again.

Never. Sorry, I just can't do it!

Blessings to all of you--have a wonderful evening and don't forget to give your boobies a good feel tonight.



Anonymous said...

Hi, Molly:
I check your blog every day so, yes, some of us are still out here. Your trip to the UP sounds wonderful. I think if anyone deserves a relaxing, family-filled few days away it is you. If you need/want any reading material for the trip, let me know. I don't know if you ever continued on with Patricia Cornwell's Kay Scarpetta series but I think I have all but two of them. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Dawn Brooks

Mimi said...

Molly B'Golly,

I'm still here . . . I waste hours of time every evening reading blogs and I always start with yours! Not that reading your blog or anyone else's is a waste of time, but the laundry doesn't get done with my butt in the chair! (Or with Ginger in the U.P.!!!)

I am with you on the UP. When people a work ask me what I enjoy about it so much, I tell them it is because there is just so much nothing to do. The opportunity for complete and utter relaxation just so rarely happens. That and the shower in the old house! Man do I love that shower!

I'm trying to think of projects like the one time we made stuff with the kids (candles, etc). I'll see what I can come up with. . .

Less than a week to go. Good thing I don't have my own blog, there would be two of us going on and on about the U.P.!!

Still keeping you, Kristina and friends, Ava, Troy and several others in my prayers.


Michelle Asmus said...

I'm still here, too. I check your site every night--addicted to it just like reality tv. Thanks for relaying the update on Troy. That is good to hear.
Hope the week goes quickly for you-

Anonymous said...

Hey Molly,
I'm still reading your blog and Little Ava'a daily. The comment from Kristina the other night brought tears to my eyes as it took me back to the time I lost my dad to this disgusting disease. I am praying for her friend's family as well as Ava, Troy, and, of course, you, Molly. Have a blast in the UP!

Beth A.

Betty said...

Mo-Liz, Of course we are all still out here and still reading your blog. For me, it's like a best-selling novel (actually better than most - with awesome, funny,strong,and really real characters) No offense meant in calling some of the Brawley bunch "characters".
I can relate to that "Hunting Widow" feeling. Be thankful it is not golf - that season is longer! Hang in there - you may even be able to eat the results.
Hmmmm, who checked Andrew's pass into the gym? Gotta love it - some things never change and some kids just have that innocent look about them! Be glad that Andrew's one of them. In the long run, I'd bet, it'd be more annoying if he wasn't.
Happy shopping (or thinking about it). Actually one of retirement's benefits is shopping early and avoiding the crowds. I'm impressed with myself that I already have (most of)Christmas shopping done for our grandkids. Shopping for retirees is more like a "play date" for the elderly - friends, lunch, (sometimes even a glass of wine), and encouragement to go ahead and spend more than anyone should.
Thanks for update on Troy.
Gotta go. Busy with dinner plans, etc. as at least part of our family will be here for Thanksgiving. Enjoy the UP "Walton style" holiday.

Love, Liz-Mo

Meg Comerford said...

I still check your blog nightly, and I have to agree with Michelle - it is my favorite nightly read. Have a great time in the UP.

Anonymous said...

HI- I just have to start by saying that I read your blog almost everyday. I also love to hear about the UP it sounds like fun!
Troy is doing OK today. He is really nauseated. They gave him phenergan, which just makes him sleep, when he wakes up it is back to the dry heaves. You can imagine this does not feel very good with his incsion. It goes from just below his sternum, down around the navel to just above the pubic bone-OUCH! He is in very good spirits-prior to surgery he was joking and making us all laugh. They gave him a spinal right after surgery to help with pain control yesterday. He slept most of the day and was comfortable even with the nausea. Today he has a morphine pump-he said the pain is less than he thought it would be, except when he is wrenching from nausea. The Dr said no surprises from the surgery. Just a "couple enlarged lymph nodes". He said they can't tell just by looking at them and that the reports will be back next week. I hate waiting it sucks!! They have a "map" to remove the lymph nodes, they know which ones testicular cancer spreads to and they remove all of those ones and test them. If Troy has no or very little cancer in his nodes we might be able to avoid chemo at this time. Sorry this is so long. If anyone is interesting in a really great web site about TC-google "testicular cancer resource center" they have a great site. Thanks you Molly for praying for us, you continue to be in our prayers too. Along with Ava and Kristina. Have a great holiday!!

Kelly said...

Always here Molly! Enjoy your time up north and say "good night john-boy" for me! You have much to be thankful for...have a blast!