Sunday, November 18, 2007

Three words changed my life.

For the UP being my favorite place on earth, I sure don't have very many photos. But I did find some to liven up the blog. This trip, I will take more photos.

I realize my UP Salute makes my blog not so much about cancer anymore, but cancer certainly is the catalyst for everything--from thinking about what is important, for wanting to reach out to others, for speaking my mind when needed, for loving my kids despite the fact that they would both rather play dodgeball than learn, for loving my husband even though he snores like crazy lately and is never home, for appreciating my crazy Niles family and appreciating the sanity, the consistency and the peacefulness of my own parents and sister in Kalamazoo, for loving my job, for adoring the kids who attend NHS, and for having fun with all my co-workers.

I don't think I would have ever acknowledged all that is great in my life if it wasn't for those three little words: you have cancer.

More later.



Anonymous said...

Oh Molly-you are right those three words stop you right in your tracks and change your life forever! I am sitting at IU with Troy right now. He is doing well today. He is "unhooked" from most of his stuff and feeling pretty good. No nausea today that is such a relief. He ate today for the first time since the night before his surgery. We will most likely be headed for home tomorrow. We are not excited about a 3 hour car ride, but we will get through it. Thank you again for the blog not only is it therapy for you, but it really does help us too! Love the new pictures. It's funny how cancer makes you relize what is most important-family, friends, community. We are very blessed to have such a great support system- I just would like to thank everyone who has helped us, prayed for us or just thought about us- it means more than you know. We pray for good results from the pathology reports.
Take care Molly, I hope "rock boob" behaves so you have a great Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

I too check my blogs on the weekend, and yes, I still read yours!! Please tell my boys that I miss them dearly. It's been a hard time without them, for some unknown reason! The pictures of the UP are great. The sleeping arrangements sound interesting! There are so many things to be thankful for, and so many things to pray for!! Ginger is so good to my boys...she treats them as if they were her own! What a great person she is!! Have a safe trip and enjoy your time and company!
Love ya,

Betty said...

Miss Molly, The pics of Paradise UP look like...well, Heaven with all that white. But, your choice of reading material ... National Enquirer, etc.... Oh My, Oh My! Knowing what Britney is doing may help you relate to some of the things you face in your job. A rationalization, to be sure, but if it flys.....

They say not to sweat the small stuff, but it is the small stuff that is great.

Thanks for sharing the pics. Relax and Enjoy,Enjoy,Enjoy. Betty

PK said...

First the UP - I had a Great Uncle with property in Alonson MI - hundreds of acres of white birch trees; the main log house with a guest house; on a chain of lakes so we canoed into the sunset each evening; deer came up the steps of the guest house to check us out; shuffle-board on the beach. What heartwarming memories from those trips north. Those get-a-way places are truly Heaven on Earth.
Second, I have an article about "those three words" that I put aside for you but wasn't sure if you were ready. After reading this post - you could've written the article! ...I'll bring it in this week.
And lastly, my family has been rocked by a diagnosis of ALS for my sister-in-law. Her 3 girls are in their 20's, she's in her early 50's. Share those prayers, please.
No one knows what tomorrow may bring for yourself or those you love....or what difficulties the person next to you is gentle with each other.
And I'm still reading, too. I enjoy your musings & rants!

Anonymous said...

Hi Molly. I know exactly how you feel about the UP. We've had our cottage now for 25 years and we mark time with each year with things we did while up north. How things do change. It is a sanctuary that compares to nothing else known. We have recuperated after a few illness up there. It is somehow cleansing for the body,mind and sole. Enjoy the fresh clean air and the beautiful blue skies and don't forget the spectacular night skies; with millions of stars. I wish I were headed there myself... drink it in for me too, will ya!?
I read your blogs frequently, and I am glad to hear you are doing so much better.
Say eh to the UP!
Cindy K