Thursday, November 15, 2007

I have a bad attitude.

November 15 in the extended Brawley family is almost a national holiday--opening day of deer season. Much to my disagreement, Jim allowed Andrew to hunt this morning before school since now that he made varsity basketball, he can't hunt after school. He missed his tutor/independent study class, which really isn't a big deal, but then missed his AP Biology class because he had to go to the orthodontist. Tomorrow, he has to miss classes because of his PSI program that inv0lves him going to the middle school to talk about abstinance instead of SEX! (rather an interesting's Andrew's second year in it) Anyway, he'd better keep his grades up.

Josh is asleep on the couch, in the middle of our addictive Law & Order show. We watch reruns every night together...Josh wants to be a lawyer because of the show. Jim just called and is on his way home from his hunt--he's stopping by brother Pooh's house to see how others did today.

Looking forward to the UP, of course. Now get this. You all know Aida, my sis-in-law--married to Danny. They have three kids--twin 5 year olds and a 2 year old. Brave Aida is heading to the UP with just her and the kids the day before we all leave on Wednesday. It is a 9 hour drive--through Chicago! I think she is one brave woman. Danny and Pooh will follow us up on Wednesday. I think Johnny and Pam are leaving Tuesday. So we will be the last to arrive but that is ok. I hope we have smooth sailing but lots of snow once we get there.

Andrew has to find out if basketball will interfere with our travel plans. I sure hope not because I think he would quit bball before giving up the trip. Josh is very excited ALL of us will be up there--plus more. I think we are at 29 now. Thank goodness for two houses!

I still haven't got my tree up like I planned. Maybe this weekend? I even thought about going Christmas shopping...that's early for me. The girls in the UP will most likely go to Boulder Junction, WS on Friday...they have some very quaint stores, good for a few gifts for sure.

Any of you watch Oprah today. I actually sit down and watch her now--never made time before. Today the show was on hoarders. Made me want to carry a trash bag around all night. Now I am paranoid I might be one. : )

If you haven't yet, go back to my last post and read Kristina's comment. It just shows me how ugly cancer is and frankly, pisses me off that yet again, someone is dying from something that can be solved for some people and not for others. It shows that doctors are just people but we rely on them to heal us and expect so much from them--when really, the only thing that might help the cause to wipe out cancer is more research. I agree with Kristina--we have a good prognosis but in the back of every cancer survivor's mind is "what if it comes back?" Hang in there Kristina--Karen is lucky to have a good friend like you who understands just a little more than others about this ugly thing called cancer. It just plain sucks. I hope today all of you can find some small amount of peace and comfort.

One last thing--check in on Ava's blog if you haven't. Jamie and Jamie are hanging in there, and Ava is even smiling now, (which makes me cry thinking about it) but her little valve is still leaking and she is facing MAJOR surgery soon--that is very life threatening. I admire the family so such a little baby can have such an impact on all of us. You have to see the pictures too--what a doll.

One more last thing --sorry--good luck Troy at IU tomorrow! I know you are already on your way down there and surgery is on Friday. You will be so glad when it is over and you can feel like you are on the down hill slide of this journey...April, be strong and give those nurses heck if they aren't taking care of him well enough! : ) (I know they will)

Love to you all--thinking of you a lot Kristina--thanks for sharing and reminding us ALL that we need to appreciate our families, good health, and good friends.


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Betty said...

Come on girl. Remember that the sign on your desk reads,"Attitude is Everything"

Andrew seems quite well-rounded to me; scholarship (NHS member); athletic (3-4 sports); extracurriculars (PSI, etc); family time (hunting w/ Jim). Josh seems a pretty normal young teen too - don't they eat and sleep a lot? Besides, he has a goal which many teens don't yet.

Tell Aida "God Speed" and take lots of munchies along.

My thoughts are with the Brawleys, the Zimmermans, Kristina, and Troy at this Thanksgiving time.

Enjoy the UP.