Sunday, August 10, 2008


No talking about pains today. It does me no good.

Did anyone watch the opening Ceremonies of the Olympics? I watched them alone and was so impressed I had to call my mom, who I grew up watching them with, to talk about them. They were so amazing to me...and I have watched a lot of Opening Ceremonies. My mom was even impressed. But then Jim came home and tried to burst my bubble by telling me how awful the Chinese people treat their people--making them practice 8 hours a day and spending more money on the ceremonies than on starving people. I said bah humbug to him, 'cause it sure looked pretty awesome to me.

It feels like football season, doesn't it? Football practice starts tomorrow for Andrew. I am glad he decided to play this year...after sitting 6 of 9 games last year, he was really leary of putting so much time in for no playing time, but decided to do it anyway. His physical therapy on his arm this winter has really helped--he was having some issues between throwing a baseball and then throwing a football but that has resolved itself. Jim is also coaching this year--is going to help with the freshman team. He took last year off because of my cancer. I am not looking forward to the time he will be gone, but we sure can use the money. Zack Brawley is playing this year so that will be fun. Poor Zack, he is going to be a 9th grader this year and doesn't realize what it will be like to have me accessing his grades everyday! Yes, I have Pooh's permission.

Josh is my sleeper still. I need to start getting him up in the mornings or he will be a tired mess come September. We will be camping right before school starts so that will tire him out. I am SOOOO excited the McKeels are going this year! I always laugh with Sheryl.

I am getting a tattoo Friday. Yes, it is just brown circle, but nonetheless, still a tattoo. I am thinking it might raise my "coolness" factor with the high schoolers, don't you think? Andrew says "uh...never.".

My mom is finished with chemo. (let's hope) In November, she has to have another colonoscopy. I pray those nasty chemicals got all the bad cancer cells. She handles her stage III cancer better than I handle mine, that is for sure.

Andrew's senior pix are Wednesday. That will probably be the biggest fight between mother and son ever imagined. Can't wait. He has no interest in going to SEE/order the pictures, so thank goodness for small favors. : )

Ok, thinking about dinner now. Sloppy Joes it will be.

Hugs to all of you--


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Dawn Brooks said...

Yes, I watched the Opening Ceremonies--also by myself. I have since become "addicted" to many of the events. None of my family shares my interest but my husband sits there and suffers through them every night.
On a different note, I am very excited to have Spencer start at the high school. We will be there Monday for orientation. Maybe I will see you there.