Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Senior year $$$$$$

Good evening. Today was busy. Forgot to remind both Josh and Andrew that they had PSI training so neither went. No big deal for Andrew as he has been a teen leader for three years, but this was Josh's first time. He will probably get fired before he even starts. They are going to go tomorrow. I feel foolish and normally would play the cancer card, but can't do that! : )

This afternoon Andrew had his senior pictures. I think it went well--they kick moms out, and rightly so--so I didn't see much. He forgot his mitt so most of his sports pics were with a football--I'm not that fond of sports pictures, but he had a few. I think my favorites will be his jacket and tie pictures--or maybe just the casual ones in a polo and shorts. We go back the 20th to watch a slide show of all the pictures and then the money starts flying out of my wallet I am sure. The first of many senior year expenses! It really was a fun experience and Andrew even said so.

Dawn--i can't believe your baby will be at the high school. We are freaking out about orientation--well, not really--but with this new database system we have we were not sure how we were going to get the schedules printed. But we did and are ready to go! We just had to hand write all students' locker combos on the schedule as that part is not ready to go. But those scared freshmen will have more than enough information to get them started!

Despite complaining about this new system we are using at work, I LOVE the challenge of it and know it will be awesome when finished. It will be better, more efficient, and easier to use. But right now we are pulling our hair out. Another thing we are doing this year is trying to go paperless when it comes to student discipline--in other words, if student gets in trouble, the teacher will type the document online (a referral) and I can access it from the student's file right on line. I love stuff like this but there are a few computer phobics who might not like it. Maybe they will write less referrals then? : )

I have met a new ACC/breast survivor (I wanted to write victim but I refuse) She actually lives in Michigan and is new to all of this--although she has already had her surgery. She had a bilateral mastectomy because of a strong family history and some suspicious things in her non-ACC breast. She is as scared as I was (and am on my bad days) so I hope emailing her and maybe this blog will help her. Besides the therapy I get from writing, the whole purpose of this blog was to maybe help other ACC/breast survivors--or any cancer survivor for that matter. Like I said before, I want something positive to come of this crap. (something positive better come of this since 1/2 the world thinks I am out of my mind because of it!)

Last year at this time we were either in Maine or well on our way there for the Little League World Series. Such a fun time that was. Remember Andrew being interviewed on TV? He said he couldn't wait to meet people from Japan and Mexicans--how funny was that? Ironically, last night he was interviewed for Fox 28's Fall Football Frenzy and he came home and said, "mom, I am much better at interviews now. I did not offend any ethnicity." Not sure when this will be on TV, but doubt we will ever see it.

Still watching the Olympics and staying up waaaaay too late. I felt so bad for the girl who messed up for the US in gymnastics. I just wanted to tell her "it's all're healthy! Who cares about a gold medal?" Did you notice how busty she was for a gymnast? Jim liked her of course. Gotta love Michael Phelps. His mom seems like a fun lady, maybe I like her just because she is a principal.

Get this--Josh just left with his buddy Dustan--IN A CAR DRIVEN BY DUSTAN!!!!! Ugh. Yes, i realize Josh should be driving now too, but he can't yet. By the way, when you do see him driving, he will be sitting on a pillow I am sure. There probably should be a height requirement for driving. Come to think of it tho', those "16" year olds from China could never drive!

I haven't told you lately how much I love my dog. She keeps me so calm.

Enough for tonight--hope you are all doing well. My side is still aching and my throat/ear pain is back with a vengeance but i am coping. Nipple is Friday!


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Ellyn said...

Hi Molly,

Like yourself, I am also a cancer survivor and after reading about your journey as a breast cancer survivor, I wanted to let you know about an initiative by the Michigan Department of Community Health to raise money for breast cancer and prostate cancer research in the state of Michigan.

What we're doing is a simple campaign called the Michigan Breast & Prostate Cancer Income Tax Check-off to encourage residents of Michigan to indicate on their state income tax form an amount they'd like to donate to cancer research. By checking the donation box in the Voluntary Contributions Schedule on the state income tax form, all of the funds raised will go towards services and cancer research within the state of Michigan.

If you'd like to share this with your readers, visit On the site, there are badges for bloggers to grab and share to show their support. These can also be placed on Facebook/MySpace pages to help spread the word.

Let me know if you have any questions or if you want some more information. The more people know about this, the more strides we can take towards conquering cancer.