Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Ugly stupid TALL freak.

I had a four minute visit with Dr. Messinger yesterday. My incision looks great. He was so busy that I hated to even ask him about my rib cage/front pain but I did and he said it could likely be this congestion thrombophlebitis type thing (called Mondor's Syndrome). He said it is possible that my pain is worse from Pizza Pocket's surgery. I didn't specifically mention my liver but he didn't freak out or anything and even cupped his hand over the spot where it often hurts people, which is right where my achiness sometimes is. so of course when I got home I googled Mondor's and although my pain is similar, I certainly don't think I have that. There are definite signs of that, and i don't have them. But the congestion theory he suggested sort of fits so I think I can talk myself into that until I see Dr. Ansari. Crazy MIL went with me and we laughed as usual. Next Friday is tattoo day. More needles to numb the boob and then he draws that sucker on.

Today I went back to work. I tried to ignore my pains but they were still mildly there. At least I wasn't obsessed with them. In case you wonder what I do all day, today I dealt with our student information system trying to enter data that tells the computer what room number each teacher's PRIMARY room is. Sounds simple, but it wasn't. Then I was told that new data will be uploaded tonight, so I might lose what I had entered. That was enough to convince me stop that so I moved on to double checking some data entry. I also had a few parent phone calls to return, and met with the mom of our leukemia student. Wow, she was impressive. She has such a spiritual faith that seems to be unshakeable. The student is responding very, very well to chemo but is a bit depressed and feels crappy. We don't think he will be able to start school right away but are working on a support plan for him. Tracy, the mom, started a caringbridge blog for her son and I already logged in to say hello. She too feels so good when people check in, and with her faith, feels the prayers and support already. On a more practical note, I think these blogs are awesome in that they provide such a good record. I reread my post from when I went to see my ENT at U of M to remind me that he looked in my mouth and in my throat and at my PET/CT and covered why my pain is still so back on the right side of my just reminds me that those pains are nothing new. It's hard to believe my PET/CT scan was over a year ago.

Can you believe this blog too is now over a year old? August 2, 2007 was my first entry.

Mimi, thanks for calling tonight. It helped a lot and made me feel so not alone. I know you have put up with all my crazy illnesses since the dawn of time, but you always listen and always make me feel better with your knowledge. Just knowing what a chest xray and a chest CT "expose" to the radiologists was helpful. My cyber angel Velvet from the UK also reminded me that often liver cancer mets show up in blood work, and mine was fine about 4 months ago. That made me feel better too, although I know things can change quickly.

I had to take Andrew to the doctor today because I thought he had pink eye. Dr. T made me bring him in since he said that very few cases of pink eye are actually really pink eye--in fact, Andrew's wasn't. Instead, he had a cold in his eye because his nose wasn't draining well--he recommended Visine for the itchiness, and Clariton for the nose. We shall see. He says he rarely sees actual cases of pink eye. Andrew was no more contagious than anyone with a cold. It was an interesting visit and did confirm some things that I achieved in my University of Google medical degree in the past.

On a funny note, Andrew is tutoring at Ballard for National Honor Society. His job is to work with some younger readers. Well, when I got home the other day he handed me a "note" that one student had given him. The girl is the little sister of one of Andrew's friends and a boy in the class had given it to her. This is what the note said"

Danielle tell you brothers frend to not teach here no more. he shouldn't be at are school. I don't mean YOU but he is an ugly stupid TALL freak. GOODBYE!

Is that not the funniest thing ever???? Andrew got pretty defensive with me about what caused this, but later told Jim that the boy was upset that he didn't pass a reading fluency test. Andrew can't pass them unless they read aloud at a certain speed--there's all kinds of data that is kept and shows teachers how well kids can read based on speed. Poor Andrew. I assumed his first note would have been a love note, but apparently he is an ugly stupid freak. And a tall one at that!



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