Monday, August 4, 2008

Trying to LIVE

Good morning. I have just managed to get Shade off my lap and into a drug induced sleep. We had awful storms this morning...I woke up to my bed tremoring from her shaking. Now that it has calmed down, I should have waited it out, but she was one big tremble so I gave her the pill. She's happy now.

Today is really my last day of vacation because tomorrow I will spend most of my day going to Dr. Messinger in Kalamazoo for a Pizza Pocket incision check up. The incision is rather knotty feeling but the bruising is pretty much faded. Occasionally I get some lightening bolt pains but overall I am pretty much healed. Then Wednesday is back to work. Thank goodness!

As for my side/rib/liver pain, well it isn't any better. In fact, yesterday, it was throbbing from the front to the back. I was so stressed about it last night that I had a mild anxiety attack...I got really hot and had to lay down and do some deep breathing. Once I got myself calmed down I got up and took a Xanax and did much better after that. Jim thinks part of my issue is that I golfed on Saturday and used muscles not used in a loooooooooooong lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnng time, but this feels more internal than it had before. This morning, my whole back is tense, but the side pain is better, but it still throbs everyonce in awhile. It feels like the stitch you get when you have been running...but moves to the back. I will tell Dr. M about it and he will convince me to call Dr. A. I wonder if I will forget about it when I go back to work? I have decided that I am one of those people that is way too 'body aware'--I can pinpoint every ache and pain (in my mind at least) and when you have had cancer, some would say that is a good thing, but not for me, that is for sure.

An NHS student has been diagnosed with leukemia. That makes me so weepy. I can't imagine the heart ache his family is feeling right now. When I get back on Wednesday I will give them a call.

Have I ever mentioned my love affair with tomato juice? Gosh, I crave that stuff.

Is anyone excited about the Olympics? I always am. I have so many good memories of watching them growing up, and now with Jim and the kids. I remember VIVIDLY the Atlanta Olympics because Bill Brawley and the Young Americans were there so Jim and I made a point to watch Opening ceremonies. They had made a really big deal about who was lighting the torch...we knew that celebrities were running legs of the race to light it, but no one knew who was going to actually light it. I remember saying to Jim "Wouldn't it be cool if it were Muhammad Ali?" At the time, we knew Muhammad and his family lived in Berrien Springs, which is about 10 minutes from here, but we had not developed our friendship yet. So, sure enough, it was Muhammad and I remember being covered in goose bumps watching him do it. I still love watching footage of it to this day. For those of you who don't Muhammad personally, he is just as charismatic and magical as he looks. And Lonnie, his wife is an earthly angel who has made such a difference in our lives and our community.

Speaking of Bill Brawley, he and Robyn and Lizzie were here last week on their way home from Boyne Highlands and I think today they leave for Japan. Lizzie is three and can tell you just about the entire Young Americans show from this year and last year...she is the most articulate three year old I have ever seen...Bill would ask her what song so and so sang and not only did she know, she could sing the darn song. I think so far she has traveled to 30 some countries in her young life. BUT, Robyn told us that in January she is staying home so Lizzie can start preschool like a normal girl. Pam and I laughed...Lizzie could probably teach the class. Someone asked her what her favorite part of the show was and she said, "Well, I can sure tell you what I DON'T like." SHE IS THREE!!!!! She didn't like the witch from the Wicked piece in case you were wondering.

I am going to miss my morning talk shows when I go back to work.

Getting excited about Labor Day camping. Looking for a canopy to take for the weekend. I am not sure I want to buy one, but if you have one you want to lend me, let me know. : )

Enough wasting time. Please pray for our student who has cancer, and well, anyone who has cancer. Appreciate your good health, love every day that you don't have to worry about health, and pet your dog.

Off to worry and drink tomato juice. I need to run up to work to make some changes on schedules, so that will be a good thing.


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