Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Revenue. How fun is that?

Howdy. Guess what? I went from $3.08 to over $10 because you are clicking and reading my blog! That just made my day. I should go to the library and click all day to earn money. That would be cheating and I am a rule follower so i guess I can't do that! : ) But continue to click.

So that is exciting. Tonight I went out to where we store our trailer and got a bee stuck in my sandal--ouch! It sent shivers all through me. When I was a kid I was stung by a bee and ended up on crutches for two weeks because of a reaction. That sting was between my toes too. Right now, it just hurts a little but doesn't seem to be swelling. Anyway, I did an inventory of what we needed...I had planned to clean the trailer, but my foot hurt so much and i imagined the poison traveling to my heart and killing me so I came home. HA...but actually, it did cause weird things. But I really am ok.

An expected mother gave me some nursing pads today which is helping me with my tattoo issues. But again, too late today. Ruined another shirt for the day. But I had a vest on and luckily no one could see it.

I met another woman on line who had both a schwanomma and ACC of the trachea. She has made 4 more benign tumors in her body, and so far, for 19 years, she is ACC free. She too was told by her doctor that having a schwanomma and ACC is doubly rare...but her doc agreed we have gene issues. Figures. I guess I can pray that i just make benign tumors? Unfortunately, benign tumors can kill you too...particularly in the brain. Ugh. No more thinking about that.

i am having a hard time sleeping these days. My mind runs 100 miles a minute, and although i am exhausted, I can't turn off the brain. I am not thinking about cancer per se, just a lot of school stuff and Andrew and josh and Shade and Jim...Andrew has his first varsity game Friday night as a starter...you get nervous for your kids...sigh. I hope Niles wins. That would just make it all so great. And for Danny too...talk about pressure!

Tomorrow is take the trailer to Howe, In day. Camping at Twin Mills is a blast. So Jim and I will set it up for the most part, then on Thursday after by doctor's appointment (NIPPLE CHECK!) Josh and I will go back and do all the grocery shopping, etc. I am pretty sure we will come back to Niles Thursday night, although I might try to talk Josh in to staying down there over Thursday night. If I know the weather will be good on Friday, I want to hang at the pool and then come back to Niles in the late afternoon.

The Brawley family will be celebrating cousin Connor's birthday at a tailgate before the game Friday. We always miss his birthday because we are camping so this works well. I sort of dread this football season because I don't get to sit with Jim, as he has to be in the booth thingy watching plays and talking to the coaches on the sidelines. That leaves me to stress about Andrew alone. I do have friends I can sit with of course, but watching without Jim will be hard. He would rather coach though--he gets nervous too.

Not much else to say. Less than a week until MRI's. bluhhhhhhhhhhhhh. That is how i feel about that.



Anonymous said...


We are staying Thursday night at Twin Mills. I am going to set up and then Johnny and the boys are coming down after football/futbol practice. (You like that play on words, no? Jake has soccer practice -- futbol!) Ha! Anyway, we will be there, so I hope you guys stay! If Johnny doesn't stay, we could have a slumber party in your trailer!

I'm so excited for this weekend, too!


MadCityMike said...

Have a great weekend Molly.....I think the "downtime" will be good for the whole family, eh? ;)
We're spending a week up in TC and will get to see the boys, too, so am excited by that prospect, too.
Enjoy your holiday!

Stephanie said...

Hi Molly, I have not talkd to you in a while. Hope the tattoo is doing good. I have been busy and achey. I found out some interesting information yeasterday. Not about cancer but about my mom (she passed away in 1989) I think I told ya that. My Aunt told me that my mom and dad used to go to Niles Michigan every weekend in the early 60"s. My mom had a friend who played in a band.....Lafeatte and the Lasabres. they would come there to listen to him play and party, I am told. Not sure of you age, my mom would have been 64 this year. Does the band sound familiar??? take care and talk to ya soon