Friday, August 29, 2008

Nervous mom and annoying cough

Super super quick blog!

It's Friday afternoon and we are home for Andrew's game tonight. Josh and I stayed at the campground last night and weathered a hellacious thunder/lightening storm. WOW. It hit about 5 a.m. and lasted for about 2 hours...everything was soaked outside, but Josh and I were snug as a bug in a rug. When we left to head back to Niles, the sun was coming out and the forecast looks great for the rest of the holiday weekend.

I m very nervous about tonight for Andrew. He seems fine, but Jim keeps sighing heavily. Danny (his uncle and head coach) has called already to go over things. Andrew hung up the phone and said I think he is more nervous than I am. Andrew is starting tonight at quarterback, his first start since his junior varsity season since he broke his arm. Although winning is obviously the goal, I am praying for a fantastic showing by the Vikes, and no injuries.

After the game we will head back to Twin Mills with about 6 extra kids and the dog. Won't pull in until about midnight, but the rest of the weekend is ours.

Oh, by the way, my nipple/areola is fine. Dr. M said it looked great...the stuff on my shirt was ointment, not ink, and many times tattoos do not scab. Moisturizing lotion is all the care I need now. But, in 6 weeks I go back for some secondary color. It is a bit pale, but who cares at this point.

I am battling an annoying cough. Yes of course I think it is a lung met or tumor. But it could be allergies. I keep clearing my throat too. I will definitely mention it to Dr. Ansari on Thursday. Dreading the MRI on Tuesday but won't think about it until Monday night.

The game will refocus my nerves and probably cause me to want to drink. But at least it is just a game, not cancer.




Angie said...

Hope the game went well!

Kristina said...

Dear Molly,

Sorry I have been so remiss about keeping in touch but the summer has been wonderfully busy. We went on vacation for two weeks to Europe with family and other than that have been busy at the pool or down the shore. My twins, Marcus and Julia, start full day kindergarden next week. Very exciting, it will be a big change, but one that we are all looking forward to. They are very good at playing with each other but are very ready for more stimulation than I can give. Especially, Julia, she is smart as a whip and is constantly challenging me to do more with her. She loves to learn, I hope that lasts. Kayla is entering 8th grade next week and is very excited to get back to her friends. She is great at keeping herself busy with her active social life, but that means a lot of driving around for me. She will be trying out for the swim team at the local Y so hopefully that will keep her busy after school during the week and too tired to aggravate me! LOL!!!

I reinjured my left breast, most specifically, me back muscle which the plastics guy, pulled to the front to do the reconstruction on my breast playing with our dog (big dog) and that has me kind of bummed the last two weeks while it slowly heals. I know that my ribs are weaker on that side from the radiation so at first I thought it was a cracked rib, but it turned out to be a pulled muscle. I was just starting to feel strong on that side without any weakness or tenderness and then this happened. It really bummed me out because now the daily reminder of my cancer and all that I went through is back throbbing and hurting. It has definitely improved but it sent me into a pretty big funk.
I love your blog and read it faithfully. You inspire me and help me through my days knowing you are out there, going through so much of the same things. Thank you for being there and for being you. I also have started reading the Pink Thread and love to have another ACC sister. On those days were I feel as though noone will understand my thoughts all I have to do is read those two blogs and I feel better.

Much love,


Stephanie said...

Hi Molley, I miss ya. We have not talked in a bit. Did you ever get the note I sent about my mom coming to Niles years ago? I was wondering. I have had alot going on... you can read my blog. It seems easier then emailing you since usually what I tell you I put on my blog. I see your like me school and sports. We already have a hockey tounament coming up in Sault St. Marie next month.My husband is taking both boys and I am staying back this time. Relaxing weekend much needed for me. Take care and I hope you had fun camping. I love to camp.