Friday, August 1, 2008

Massage needed???

Staying busy has kept my mind off of things. Still feel some pain here there and everywhere but nothing that I am obsessing about.

My pal Vikki is my breast cancer angel and has convinced me to start getting regular massages. I have to figure out how to have my insurance pay for them. I want to go to Teri in Berrien Springs (who about killed me a few months ago with my first massage). My school insurance does pay for them but I think the massage has to be prescribed. If you are a Niles teacher and get massages that our WONDERFUL insurance pays for, will you let me know how it works?

Yesterday I took Josh and his buddy to Famous Dave's and to the mall. Josh is so delightful to spend time with, and his friend Tyler is too. I went shopping to get Andrew some things for his senior pictures. Josh bought some "shants", which are shorts that are actually made of sweat PANT material. He made up the name. I gladly bought them for him as they were $4.97. I saved over $100 at JC Penney's buying dress shirts, etc. I couldn't believe the great sales they were having.

Tomorrow is the Niles Football golf outing and I am playing with Jim, Zech and Alyse. We are all pretty bad (well, Jim is really good and Zech is not bad) but I occasionally win the Longest Tee shot for women, which is my ONLY contribution to the process. I have not played golf since my surgeries so maybe now that my boobies aren't so big I will swing better? HA! I am still bruised from Pizza Pocket and with the rib pain and all, I have lots of excuses. It is always fun but looks like it is really going to be hot.

I have not talked to any official representative, but Pam, who is always pretty accurate, tells me that Ava's blood drive was overwhelmingly successful. I think 66 people were able to give (she only had slots for 40) and over 80 people WANTED to give, so another one is in the works. What a phenomenal idea on Jamie's part. Such a beautiful way to honor Ava and to help others.

Andrew is tutoring at summer school this week and next to earn hours for National Honor Society. He spends most of his time reading with children. He's doing a nice job and I don't have to fight to get him up in the morning. Josh sleeps 'til just about noon each day. I think he is finally starting to grow. Still needs to practice his driving tho'!

Not much else to report. Only thinking about cancer about 4 times an hour--down from 60 times an hour this past Monday. Have not heard about my lovely polyps--(can you believe I write about this stuff???) which I hope is a good sign. I never did hear on my breast tissue biopsy so that better mean it was negative. I see Dr. Messinger on Tuesday for a check up. I am going to ask him about the rib pain just to see what he thinks. He doesn't like to answer too many medical type questions. I should have asked Dr. Nancy when I went a month ago but it apparently wasn't bothering me enough. Worries worries.

Rumor has it we are going to Lunker's for dinner tonight. Someone Jim knows is having a birthday. Anything for dinner out is ok in my book.

Much love--


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