Saturday, January 26, 2008

Another cold, another worry.

It's been a week since I have blogged...I am fighting another cold/sinus and the freezing cold weather makes me just want to curl up in a blanket. Josh is sick too.

My mom's PET scan showed some uptake in her colon so she has to have a colonoscopy on Wednesday. Her surgeon does not really think it is more cancer but he has to be sure so thus the scan. The chemo is now pushed back another week--to the week of my surgery. So Sue and I are making her stay home that day as we don't want her around germs while on chemo. She is doing ok mentally--still having issues with missing all the social things at her retirement village. But I love her positive attitude.

Guess what is coming back? My lovely rash on my shoulder near my expanded boob. It isn't exactly the same spot and hasn't progressed as much but I guess I can believe Dr. T when he says it is stress. A woman on a support site I visit has her two implants placed last week and says they are much more comfortable than the expander. She said it took the surgeon 90 minutes and she left the hospital 2. 5 hours later. I am not really thinking about it much--gotta get Andrew through his MRI on Wednesday. I really feel like his shoulder will be fine; I am just hoping Dr. Balint can give him some suggestions for easing the pain. We are hoping a lot less football throwing will rehabilitate it to its top strength for baseball.

The boys are watching Top Gun. What a great movie in its day. That and An Officer and a Gentleman. : )

I just bought Pillars of the Earth and will be starting it tonight. Betty also brought me a shorter book called the Middle Place about a woman who gets breast cancer and then her dad gets cancer. She said it is very uplifting. Of course i left it at school so it will have to wait. What good books are you all reading now? I love to hear. Last night I finished a trashy Sandra Brown novel but it was good just for an easy read.

Debbie, if you are reading, please send me your blog address. I hear you are doing great.

Not much more to say. Still feeling a little blue about cancer--I wish I could ignore all the aches and pains but every twinge causes worries. it is hard to shake

Keep the faith.



Kristina said...

Totally get the whole twinges thing. I am feeling better mentally but of course that means I get a wicked cold and have been laid up with that the past couple of days. Yuck!!! My left breast, the post surgical breast, starting hurting the other day like it never hurt before. Fire pain, sharp across the middle right under the skin. So of course I start thinking its Inflammatory Breast Disease, which is not a very cooperative cancer and very hard to diagnois. It went away and probably had to do with my menstrual cycle, I am going for my six month mammo next week, which I had to reschedule due to my cold. So more time to wait and worry.

I am glad your Mom's spirits are good, that is the most important thing. It must be sooo hard for you going through your stuff and worrying about her too. It sounds like the doctors are on top of her situation also. Too bad she has to get chemo, but it sounds like she will handle it well.

All of you in my thoughts and prayers,
As always,


Dawn said...

Hi, Molly,
Your blog is such an inspiration to not sweat the small stuff. You sound so positive even with every way life is pulling you.
Just wanted to let you know I have been into Nicholas Sparks a lot lately. I think I have read 5 of his books in the last month or two. I just finished THE GUARDIAN this morning and will be starting THE WEDDING soon.
Keep those positive thoughts going through all the illness at your house, the MRI, your surgery, your mom's chemo, work, life, etc. Those thoughts will help. I will think positive for you, too.
Dawn Brooks

Betty said...

MoLiz, I am sitting at my brother's home in Melbourne, AU after having a wonderful dinner out and thought I'd drop a line. Sunshine and high 70's here. Great Stuff! Hope you enjoy the book when you get to it. We start touring Australia tomorrow and then follow it up with both islands of New Zealand. Life is good.