Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sideways snow is the best.

The snow blew sideways last night which concerned Josh--he was convinced it would land in Edwardsburg and we wouldn't get our snow day, but we did...YIPPEE.

However, I must admit I feel a bit cheated of my day of lounging in my jammies, watching day time TV and drinking tea. I had to take Andrew for his MRI and because the roads were so bad we left at 11:00 a.m and didn't get home until 4:00. (of course we had our yummy trip to Olive Garden in there too.)

The whole MRI process took awhile. He first had dye injected in his shoulder area. He said that the area in the shoulder was heavy and a bit sore, but the MRI itself was fine, except he got bored. He did get a wierd rash from the dye on his right forearm, but I think it is gone now. I think he will be like me when it comes to reactions from things--I can't do anything with out a rash, an itch, a pain, a tumor, you know... We will not know the results of the MRI but for ONCE in my life, I predict it will be minor and maybe just resting it will solve it. (the rest period is the problem of course)

I have to tell you a strange story. I belong to a breast cancer support list serv and check it every day. It has been very helpful in terms of my mastectomy and reconstruction process--of course there is no one on there that has ACC/breast but the whole surgery issue is always addressed very well. Unfortunately, we get about 5 new members a week and one woman asked if there was anyone on there close to Grand Rapids. So I answered where I lived etc. Anyway, there is a woman name Mary Ann on there that has posted for a long time, as have I, and it turns out she used to live in Niles! She is the mother of two former NHS student, Jill and Christine Weiss, and after a few emails we realized we knew eachother. What a small world. She, bless her heart, is an 8 year survivor of Inflammatory Breast Cancer, which is a rough one but she is doing great. IBC survivors are such heroes in my mind as the prognosis starts out crappy but I now know TWO people who are already beating the odds. It just makes me proud to be in their same company.

Jim had to go to work this morning and heard on the news that Famous Dave's had burned down. So he calls and tells me, as we both know Josh will go into mourning when he hears the news. Josh had just come into my room when he called so I gave him the news and I will tell you he was more distraught than the day he got my cancer diagnosis. Ok, well, not that bad, but he literally GROANED loud enough to wake Shade from her drug induced stupor. I told him that it really doesn't look all that bad; with the exception of the big blue tarp over it, it looked fine.

Jim had lost almost 15 pounds on my pledge to beat cancer by getting healthy. I haven't started MY plan, but obviously it is working for him. I call it his celery and grapefruit diet,'cause that is all he eats. He DOES have a lot of willpower, damn him.

Kristina and I should be in an advertisement for Mucinex. Actually, I should write them and tell pay me for the free PR they are getting on this site.

Time to go. I have a sniffling 15 year old lurking over my shoulder wanting on the laptop, which he just said should read HIS laptop. JUST FINISH IT he says...MOM!!!! Ok, I'll shut up then he says...

GET OFF!!!!!

The joys of motherhood...



Kristina said...

Still loving the Mucinex. I agree with getting some profits from Mucinex for all this free advertising. I am going for my mammo today. I am positive it will be all good and am encouraged by my positive attitude slowly resurfacing. Then I have an appointment with a headache specialist since I suffer from chronic Migraines. Anyway, I hope both visits will be positive and helpful. I will let you know the results. Keep me in your thoughts today.



kristina said...

All went well with the mammo. All clear, so I can breathe easy for another six months. Yeah!!


sheryl said...

Great news Kristina!!

Molly I remember Chrissy Weiss. Had her in class and on my golf team. Her mom is very sweet. I do remember Chrissy mentioning that her mom has breast cancer. They use to live off of Phillip Rd. if I remember correctly. Small world I agree. Not snowing yet. Bummer.