Friday, February 1, 2008

An anniversary of sorts.

Exactly one year ago today I found my cancerous tumor. I didn't know it at the time, but since I remember the date, I think deep down I knew SOMETHING wasn't right. My whole boob ached for a few days and that damned lump HURT. I remember whining about it to my friends at work who probably chalked it up to just another hypochondriac pain that I am so prone to...thank goodness I eventually trusted my instincts. (ok, 5 months is a bit long but at least I went)

I want all of you to raise your right hand and PROMISE to get to the doctors if you find a lump ok? And if the doctor says it is nothing, make sure you are 100 percent sure s/he is right.

WAHOO for you Kristina! Tell me, was it just a normal diagnostic mammogram? And remind us, did the mammogram find it before? And as I often tell myself, recurrance is rare with ACC and from what I have read, there is only one known case of bilateral ACC. Do you know if we are more prone to OTHER breast cancers because we have ACC? I don't know if I have ever asked. So, when are your next rounds of tests? Hopefully, you have some time off so we can avoid the test worry that always comes. Another question, did they tell you right away? My mammo and chest xray are a week prior to my visit with my oncologist and I am already wanting to pop the Xanax for the waiting. My heart is anxious as I type this.

We were blessed with another snow day today. I slept, shamefully, until 10:00. But I was sort of up all night checking the snow and when we hadn't closed by 5:15, I thought we were going. Gotta love when that phone rings. Our homecoming basketball game is cancelled too--that is sad for the kids. We will reschedule when we get back to work on Monday.

Sheryl, your chicken enchilada lunch yesterday inspired me to make them tonight. Josh took the family to Pizza hut for lunch on a gift card he got for Christmas. The roads a still snowy, but our driveway is the biggest problem. Pizza hut was sort of busy so everyone seems to be able to get out and about.

I am about three chapters into The Pillars of the Earth and must say it is a very fast read--but I am having major issues with holding the gargantuan book up while laying in bed! The sucker is heavy and wide. Plus I like to hunker down in blankets. I always laugh at people who read in bed on tv. They like sit up with a perfectly straight back. Then there is me, blankets wrapped all around...anyway.

Did you see Oprah's latest book choice? It's called Your Purpose Driven Life. Ironic, huh?

TTFN. Josh is lurking once again-- but now wants to go to the Y.

buh bye.


PS--I forgot to say that my mom's polyps were NOT cancerous. That waas good news. However, she has to have them taken out after chemo, so that means 6 months with the colonsotomy bag...she is ok with it though. So, we will call that good news.


Jen said...

Wow...a whole year. You've come so far. AND from one work friend, I hope you never felt dismissed in your worries. I was always proud of you for making sure you got checked out. You know I don't do that!!!

I'm trying to get into The Pillars of the Earth, too...we haven't talked about that. We'll have to sometime.

Happy long weekend! Hooray for snow days!

Betty said...

Mol, Hope you are celebrating. It has been a long year, but one in which you have shown great strength and class. I had to go back a bit to catch up with your blogging. Nice to get all the news. We are now in Cairns, AU. The weather could be described as tropical - lovin it. Visited my brother in Melbourne which was fun to see his whole family. Believe it or not, ran into Glenda and Jack Thomas in airport on way to Alice Springs. Guess we should always be on our good behavior where ever we are. Amazing! Australia is truly beautiful - can't wait for New Zealand. Betty

Hegemom said...

Hi, there, Molly! So glad to meet you!

Your new friend,