Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Hurts so good.

Massage. Wow. Never had one and for a minute...ok, a second...thought I would never go back. WOW.

So I have my first massage ever, courtesy of Lonnie, with a lady in Berrien Springs. Teri was awesome! Not only does she make you feel really comfortable right away, she must have the strongest hands known to man. The room was dark, smelled good, nice calming music. And then she starts. Starts with my face and it feels quite nice...then the strength comes out. She even massaged the bridge of my nose. I am sure most massages are like this, but it felt like agony one second because it seemed like she moved my muscle from point A to point B, and then when she was done it was the most relaxing feeling in the world. At the end you are all wrapped in warmth, almost like a cacoon, and then you have to go home.

Teri's personality was fun too--I can tell why Lonnie likes her so much. When I left I made Jim an appointment. I know it is expensive but he deserves one so much. Couldn't get him in for 4 weeks that is how busy she is...but well worth the wait.

Andrew's MRI turned out ok--just as I expected, the pain is inflammation caused by the constant throwing of both a football and baseball. No surgery is needed, but he is on a 2 month dosing of anti-inflammatories and has to have physical therapy 2 times a week. Dr. Balint is sending him to this "brilliant" shoulder PT, who has worked with pros for the Cubs, the Red Sox, the Phillies, etc. He is the only one he recommends for Andrew's issues...but thinks once he has the inflammation under control and is just throwing baseballs, not the combo of footballs--along with the PT, his arm will actually be stronger. Dr. Balint said he won't have to miss any sports or anything--and he knows baseball has already started and won't end until August--and he is not worried about it. That was a relief to Andrew and to Jim. The world starts and ends with baseball as we all know. : ) One interesting thing Dr. Balint said concerned Muhammad, ironically. He was telling us how awesome this Pt guy is, and he says "you probably wonder why he is in South Bend, Indiana if he is so good...well, what I say to that is Why does Muhammad Ali live in Berrien Springs?" So I smile and Andrew smiles and he says 'did you know the world's greatest athlete choses to live here? So does the world's greatest shoulder PT." Andrew and I continue to smile and finally I filled him in on the Ali's. He is a HUGE AND I MEAN HUGE Muhammad fan and spoke about meeting him when he was in undergrad school at Notre Dame. He boxed and Mr. A came to one of his bouts and said to him when he had won " you scare me". He met Muhammad one other time at a Fight night in Tulsa, Ok. Can you tell he is a fan? We invited him to one of Andrew's baseball games--think he'll come? Just shows you what a cool dude that Mr. A is.

My mom is on day 2 of her first chemo--and KNOCK ON WOOD--has had no side effects yet. She went on a Monday this week but will normally go on Wednesdays for 7 hours, then she goes home with her port and drug pump until Friday, where she meets with the doctor who draws blood and makes sure she is ok. So she has over 48 hours of the MEAN nasty but hopefully CURATIVE chemo drugs flowing through her. Then she has a whole week off and starts again the NEXT Wednesday. This goes on for 6 months. So far so good.

Wow, I almost forgot I am having surgery Thursday! Rook boob will not be missed, but you know, I do feel she is MINE--just like my former boob. I know she is altered but she is still my boob. I am sure I will come to know and love new softer boob just as much. I need to dig out my papers and figure when the last time is I get to drink and eat tomorrow.

Fog day today...wahoo! Even though I had to get up at 7:30 a.m. it was a lot better than 5:30 a.m. No other weather related issues by tomorrow so we will finally get our half day of professional development in.

Life is good today.



April Meek said...

Massages are so wonderful! I need one it has been so long.
Thinking about you a lot lately- I hope your surgery goes well. Prayers are coming your way for the surgery and recovery.
Glad to hear that your mom is holding her own.

Take care,

Kristina said...

Good luck on Thursday!!! i will be thinking of you all day, I know you will come to love the new soft boob as much as the rock boob!