Saturday, February 16, 2008

Joshua Brawley for President

Good evening, kiddies. Rather an uneventful day today...typical domestic issues such as laundry, dishes, HGTV...some crazy reality tv to make me shake my head. I am about to get to it on my class I am taking, but this is more fun.

Sheryl suggested in a previous comment that a bunch of us ladies take the Southshore into Chicago to have bra fittings at Oprah's store...well, at least the one she recommends. Anyone interested? We are thinking some Saturday--we will do lunch too--and all come home with better fitting bras and I am sure many, many laughs. Julie, at work, is checking with the boutique to see the best dates so I will keep you posted. EVERYONE is welcome.

Debbie, next time you are on, post your blog address. As usual, I can't find it or i would post it myself. Debbie is going through chemo and has such a wonderful attitude. You know, the more i think of it, most of us out here with cancer have pretty good attitudes. We sure as hell have our moments, but for the most part, you just

Friday night Jim, Josh and I went out to dinner at Mark III in St. Joe, or is it Lakeshore? Anyway, we had such a delightful conversation with Josh. Jim thinks Josh should run for president as he is well-rounded, likes a variety of people, is intelligent and has opinions to share with anyone who asks...or doesn't ask. We asked him where he stood on the issues...he thinks we need to finish up in Iraq and get the heck out of there, his economic plan revolves around something to do with him causing a depression and then solving it so he will be really popular, he thinks global warming is overated (this is the same kid who stayed up ALL night back in the day watching the whole "chad" contoversy in Florida...sorry Al Gore, he seems to have forgotten you), he has a plan for health care involving not quite done doctors who have to serve the country for there you have it. What is strange about all this is that Jim and I are certainly non-partisan and his opinions are HIS opinions...but he is at least informed that there are issues out there. If we asked Andrew the same questions he would probably say the biggest issue facing the country is whether Roger Clemens used steroids. : ) (or worse, he would just stare at us blankly and say "what's for dinner?")

This is the time of year that I start jonesin' for some type of vacation. And since I just finished a book with the setting of Savannah, GA I want to go there. When, who knows. But I did check out vacation rentals...I want to be on the beach and that is all that is needed...but alas, baseball means no vacations. Not to mention the fact that we are so broke...gawd, why is that? I would love to just go somewhere warm for a few days. And this is from someone who LOVES watching the light fluffy snow coming down.

Tomorrow dinner at the IL's will be quesadillas. I think my husband chose that one. We all take turns choosing. I think Ginger will spice things up by getting a variety of fillings. It's a nice way to end the weekend.

Weather report had been threatening another snowy storm but it looks like rain will be the biggest issue. I do not think we have gone to school for a full week in about 3-4 weeks. The boss says we have room for one more snow day before we have to make up any time. This year is zoom zoom 'ing...I hope warm sunny days get here soon.

Time to do some intellectual reading about why the way we grade students these days does more to harm learning than to help it. It really is fascinating.


M o double L Y


Betty said...

G'day Mol, I am sitting in the United Airlines lounge in Sydney, AU waiting on next leg of flight (to LA)home to Niles. Just came from Christchurch, New Zealand. The world "Down Under" is beautiful and we have had some great adventures, but I have missed your blog. (Just spent the last hour catching up) Glad to hear the good news concerning New Boob. Talk with you soon.


P.S. Glad you liked "Middle Place". Its humor and pathos seemed right on.

Debbie said...


My blog address is:

Did Jim go to the Dr. about his ear? Has his hering gotten better?

So far so good with the chemo. The metally mouth taste has lessened, but now I have a rash, and itch all over. I will probably have to see Dr. Ansari on Monday, for a steroid injection, or pills.

Have a great weekend,yesterday was beautiful, I loved seeing the sun all day.

De F.

~Lori said...

Hi Molly,

Just catching up on your blog myself. Cracked up about the book your read! I know someone who could use that book herslef. I have a friend, Sue, who was recently diagnosed...she had radiation and just found out that she has to have chemo...she is really bummed. I sent her your blog address today...she has a great sense of humor like YOU :)
I would love to go on a bra fitting cancer here, but I am sure after having four children will make everyone think, "oh yeah, definitely some need after that!" hahaa.

Have a beautiful fluffy-snow-falling day!


MadCityMike said...

Molly......if reading about about "grading kids" is really "interesting" DO need to get out more! :)