Thursday, February 7, 2008

Boobie has arrived.

Another chapter is almost closed on the cancer journey...not the book, but at least a chapter.

My new boobie is perky and SQUISHY!!! I had heard it would be as hard as the expander but oh no, it feels like a real boob and even jiggles like the other. It is bandaged over the Mr. Pizza Pocket to over the old nipple area, but I can see a lot of it and it looks like a perfect boob that you might see on some famous person. (remember, I am still on drugs here)
Jim is loving it, and says "your boob is just beautiful" as he gazes longingly. (again, I am still doped up here)

We are fascinated by the squishiness of it. I can't wait for all of you to feel it and you KNOW I will make you! : )

Surgery was quick--got there at 7:30 am for all the preliminary stuff, walked to the OR room at 8:59, glanced at the clock in the OR room at 9:00 exactly, tried to fight the anesthetic just to see if I could...and woke up in recovery at 10:00...discharged at 11:15 or so. Dr. M (who I adore now--he wore a cowboy hat and cowboy boots in to see me...said he left his horse at home) told Jim and Ginger "I just have to say this TWICE. It went way better than expected. It went way better than expected." One thing I can tell he did was scrape the old scar tissue that had surrounded the area--I am guessing that is why it feels so natural. He said that is part of the deal.

I have taken no pain meds and just have a slight sore throat, and the feeling that I should cough a lot--sort of like I am congested. Bad news is I can't take a shower until Saturday...back to doctor on Tuesday for review. He DID admit that while he is happy with the symmetry of the boobs, he couldn't sit me up to look, AND Pizza Pocket is still there but I can't tell yet how much until bandages come off Saturday. But it is over.

Today is a minor celebration day so I won't whine about my achy hips and back for once. I feel pretty good, and as I look at August 7 (lumpectomy), September 7 (mastectomy) and today, February 7, I am so proud of making it this far without getting put in a straight jacket, overdosing on self-pity (or drugs) and hopefully helping even one person know that cancer is SCARY and life-threatening but no matter what, we have to NEVER NEVER stop living. I am no wheres near done with this, but tonight, I am going to give myself a break.

Boobie and I are going to get to know each other.

I love you all.



Anonymous said...

YEAH FOR YOU!!!! so happy that it went so smoothly for you!! did you happen to see your "luck" with
7's?? take care and rest up!!
Love ya,

Kathy said...

You and Debbie Floor crack me up!! Attitude IS everything. Praise God!!

Kathy Schiele

Hegemom said...

Happy new boobie! That's awesome! Hooray for you!

April Meek said...

~HOORAY~ I am glad another chapter is done for you!! I hope that you are doing well. "Squishy" boob sounds much more comfy than "rock" boob.

Take care,